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  1. Actually the Giants have had as good a year in this offseason than any other that I can remember. I really like the approach that they have taken and I have very high ambitions for next season. The only position that I'm worried about is DT and I'm still a little worried about the secondary, but that'll go away if Webster shows me something in the preseason. He is still a big ? right now.
  2. That kid is tough. This is a very interesting signing and I like the idea. Hey, You never know unless you try. I'm going to really root for him to make the team.
  3. Let's get that dude some glue like the guy in the movie unnecessary roughness.
  4. Just to show how fast he is...Deion Sanders ran a 4.26. I wonder if this kid can catch a punt or maybe I would try to convert him to a WR. There is really so much you can do when a player has this type of ability. I guess we sill see how good our coaching staff really is. All I know is that I'm really excited about this kid.
  5. Imagined if our players with talent played with his type of heart. We'd be unbeatable!!!
  6. Wow, I didn't know they allowed message boards in prison?
  7. That would be great if the Giants players did a Jay and Silent Bob to the fag 4. Go to all their houses and beat their ass! BTW John Daly is awesome!!!!
  8. Yeah he is right behind Michael Jordan!!!
  9. None of those guys will ever come close to be as good as Eli. Hey how about we get rid of all the Giants and import the Steeler and put them in Giants uniforms. Would that make you happy? I say we support the team we have now, even through the bad times, and then it makes it that much sweeter when these guys win the SB this year or next.
  10. Eli is leaps and bounds ahead Mcnair, especially at this point in his career. Mcnair would've been great to have on this team 4 years ago, but not now. I also laugh when I read how crazy some of these posts are, I mean really guys, can anyone ever win? Your opinion is that Eli sucks and that's fine, but really think about what you say sometimes. Our money and future is invested in Eli, the Giants feel that he is the their guy and we will know if they are right 3 years from now. To argue about this now is just retarded, we have to give him a chance and when we are sucessful again, then you will all see that this debate was ridiculous.
  11. Maybe if we got some 1st round picks that didn't suck then we would not have to just let them go!!!
  12. Ummmm Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Blair Thomas, and ect...............
  13. Is this a joke, I just logged on!!!
  14. I think that Dyson was the best Cb on the free agent market. A very good sign for the JETS, GRRRRRRR!!!!
  15. Jersey is a shit hole, I'd rather be in Miami too. Almost anyone would rather be somewhere else than where they work at, but they suck it up and go to work everyday. Shock and Bitch should do the same, they had two months to train in Miami before our preseason workouts began.
  16. I can't wait to see Jacobs run all over everyone again in preseason so we can all get excited and then they will just sit him on the bench when the season starts
  17. I'd be happy with anyone of those picks, even if they pick a receiver we can still get a good defensive addition in the 2nd round. I would pick Carpenter over all them though.
  18. Why are you on a Cardinal's message board. I mean I can see you going on a division rival, but the cards just suck!!!
  19. At least we agree on something! He is a dope, but I wish we could pick him up for just 2 games against the Redskins. That'll be the only time he goes all out.
  20. Really, I think that you guys should just stop pretending to be Giant Fans. If they make you this angry then DO NOT ROOT FOR THEM!!! I and everyone else doesn't care what some weenie jack'en off on his computer all day thinks. Go root for a team that you think is doing a great job in free agency (AKA Redskins) and I'll be laughing my ass off when the Giant roll over them next year because they have no depth, something that we are getting more and more of.
  21. Green got injured while he was here, and Emmons hasn't done all that bad for us. Emmons was hurt and the Eagle's released him, but he has been a good addition to this team. Green was a great pick up at the time, he was young and never injured, but hey those things happen sometimes. Will Demps is fine, and Madison may be 31 (which is not old) but he never had any major injuries. Madison will be inspired to play here and he will have a huge year. Please go root for another team, EA is one of the best GMs in the NFL.
  23. Are some of you guys even giant fans. Go root for another team if you are going to keep bitching, I'll support the G-Men through anything.
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