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  1. I haven't posted here in 2 years but HOLY CRAP!!!! Is this REAL???
  2. It's Timmy vs. Jimmy on South Park. Cripple FIGHT!!!
  3. Who cares??? My mom can do a better job than Lewis. I think that we'll get Coughlins old butt buddy Capers.
  4. What I meant is that Eli has no pocket presence. He gets flustered and then throws inaccurate passes. He has done well outside the pocket when he can get out, but most of the time he is sacked before he gets a chance.
  5. This was the best news I heard all day. The other funny news I heard was that he interviewed for the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching job. How can someone not make it as a coordinator and expect to be a head coach????
  6. I want Eli to get injured during preseason and then we can see what the Hefty Lefty can do. I will bet anyone right now that he is better than Eli. Eli is a bitch that loves the cock, Lorenzon will actually stay in the pocket and not always throw of his back foot like little wus Eli does whenever he senses the slightest pressure.
  7. Link Please, I hope this happens. The first thing he would do is get us some freakin Defense.
  8. I'm happy that we made it, but this could mean that we have to deal with this coaching staff one more year. At least HUFFY is gone. Tom did exactly what gentleman Jim used to do, win his last game of the season to save his job. I was hoping that Parcells would be so fed up with Jerry Jones and TO that he would come back to the G-Men to kick the cowgirls ass next season. That was just a dream of mine. Oh yeah, and maybe that guy in New England would come over and be the defensive coordinator for Parcells, just like the glory days. But no that would never happen...instead we'll get another year of Tom and crappy play and no discipline. I say the only way they should keep Tom is if they make it to at least the NFC Championship game. But I have a feeling that it may be one and done once again. They don't deserve to be here, but I will still watch and cheer them on next week, so they can get my hopes up and break my heart in the end. Have to love this damn team.
  9. me too, and they still end up in the playoffs because everyone else loses.
  10. Giants piss me off each week, and all I want for X-mas is a win this Sunday. I still have hope that if they make the playoffs then a new season begins. I just have no confidence in this team though.
  11. It mean that the giants need a win and all that other stuff needs to happen. Vikings lost, now the giants have to win and atlanta lose, philly win, and seattle win.
  12. Stop your bitching. There is nothing you can do to control injuries. All teams have them and it is part of the NFL. That is why you need depth and really good coaching. Take the patriots for instance, they had some very key injuries over the past few years, but they have great coaches and they fill the holes and still win football games. As for the losing streak, think of it like this, there are 162 games in Baseball and 16 in football. A 10-1 ratio, so a one game losing streak is like have a 10 game losing streak in baseball. Losing 4 in a row is unacceptable and the Giants with all there injuries at least competed well in two out of those four games.
  13. Who cares about power rankings. Nothing matters right now, the Giants have to win out. If they can win out then they will most likely win the division and could possibly end up a #3 seed if Seattle will lose 2 of their last 3. That is very unlikely so right now if they can win out they will be a 4 or a 5 if Dallas doesn't lose again.
  14. Link Claiborne was released today. He doesn't make that much, that is a mistake. All he was is a special teams guy. He played in 4 games this years and had 2 tackles.
  15. Now that I look at it again I think that is what this ass meant. Really he is just trying to get a rise out of Giant fans by putting Rivers 2nd. There is no way he is 2nd, if I had LT I could be 8-2.
  16. Huff should be fired like Baltimore fired Genleman Jim this year.
  17. Greeny is a huge Jets fan, so what do you expect. Tiki should take some blame since he was playing with a hurt hand and could not make a catch that night. And as for that Burress drop, if Eli hit him in stride then that is an easy TD, but Goober over threw him on that play and Burress still almost made a great grab.
  18. Aren't these ranking just on how the QB did this past week? That is why some guys like Garcia are where they are, and if they are for one week then I think that they were very generous giving Eli 18. He should be in the bottom 5.
  19. Dude Eli is absolutely horrible right now. I don't say bench him yet, but if he has another crap game against Tennessee then they have to do something to wake him up. If that takes a benching for a game then I'm all for. He just looks so confused out there and he is incredibly inaccurate. This is Eli on the field and then when he throws another pick he's .
  20. Secondary got burned all night and penalties killed us, once again. Oh the Giants juust stopped then on 3rd down, maybe we can actually do something with a 1 minute 15 left.
  21. Link They put Dallas and Washington ahead of us. That's huge, now we will actually have a good season. When ever we are underrated in these power rankings we kick ass, but when they rank us as the top team we suck ass. I can't to see the Giants prove to everyone that they are the best team in the NFC.
  22. Now that is truly a nightmare
  23. Last night I dreamed out the entire Giants season and we went 19-0. Best night sleep I had in years. We ended up beating Denver in the Super Bowl 31-6. We almost lost to Dallas in the Divisional Playoffs, but Gibril Wilson knock TO unconcious at the 5-yard line with 10 seconds left and he fumbled. G-men recovered the fumble and won 20-14. At the end of the Superbowl Stray announced his retirement.
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