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    Oh big deal.....I had Cooking with God...He ended up getting suspended for making sangria when the teacher wasn't looking...
  2. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.... They have us ranked 31 in "Title track" (Past and future titles expected) We have 3 Superbowl Victories and multipule "Championships" Yet they rank Tampa (1sb) Bal (1sb) Denver (2sb) All ahead of us?? Couching...This is a joke Cards (0 playoffs in past 10 + years) Texans Are both ranked higher then us Total Rank Seahawks Jags Chargers All ranked as better teams then the Giants??? We have more titles just this past year then they do in their history... How about total history...How about best coaching staffs ever....BP tree alone has produced 6 superbowls, The Owen tree has produced 7 NFL chanpionshipd and 4 SB titles.... I hate these stoopid things
  3. Thats great and all but Vince Young killed your arguement..LOL He is a Wr...He doesn't need to be smart to be great...Look at Chris Carter...He is half a retard
  4. Hey.....When we play Greenbay....Do you think they will man up.... Cause then it could be Super Mario vs Atari (Bigby)
  5. ESPN DE Wallace Gilberry - (6'2 , 268, 5.0 - 40 yard) Strengths: Possesses adequate-to-good height and bulk and tough, aggressive and active versus the run. Hands continue to improve and he does a decent job of getting off blocks, finding the ball and pursuing. Generally displays good leverage out of his stance. He is a good open-field tackler for his position. Displays good initial pop and will stand some OT's up with his short area explosiveness. He displays some quality power moves as a pass rusher. Plays with a great motor and is relentless. Excellent experience at the highest collegiate level and has been exceptionally durable as well as reliable throughout his career. Weaknesses: Lacks any elite qualities. Does not display good top-end speed or closing burst as a pass rusher. Will struggle to turn the corner as an edge rusher and will never be much of a threat in that facet of the game. Tried to line up at linebacker during Senior Bowl week but appeared stiff in coverage and clearly lacked the speed necessary to turn and run with tight ends. Plays power-DE in college but does not possess elite size and will need to improve his base in order to contribute as a situational run-plugger type. Gets good initial pop but will struggle to anchor versus bigger, stronger OTs. Overall: Gilberry was redshirted when he arrived at Alabama in 2003. In his first three seasons (2004-06), he played in 37 games (25 starts) and recorded 108 tackles, 33.5 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks. As a senior, he started all 13 games at left defensive end and delivered 80 tackles (27 for losses), 10 sacks and two forced fumbles. Gilberry underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee the summer before joining the Tide in '03. Gilberry is a tough run defender who makes the most of his natural ability and is capable of providing quality depth but he doesn't have a great deal of upside and he isn't a great fit at any one position. He isn't big enough to develop into an every-down two-gap end, he lacks the burst of an every-down one-gap end and he isn't athletic enough to move to outside linebacker full time. Keeping all of that in mind, Gilberry projects as a late fourth or early fifth round pick. DE Antonio Reynold, (6'2 , 252, 4.799 - 40 yard) SI (6'2 255, 4.85 40 Yard) SI BIOGRAPHY: Senior totals included 31/5.5/3 when he moved into the starting lineup. Junior numbers included 37/4.5/1 when he played in 13 games. POSITIVES: Athletic prospect with an inconsistent game. Plays with excellent pad level, gets leverage on opponents and quickly changes direction or immediately alters his angle of attack. Pursues down the line making plays laterally and quickly closes on the ball. NEGATIVES: Inconsistent in college and has been marginally productive. Lacks bulk and handled at the point. Slow finding the ball and not instinctive. ANALYSIS: Reynolds has flashed ability in pass two seasons yet has been plagued with sporadic and unproductive play. He offers the skills to be en eight defensive lineman at the next level if he ever puts forth the effort. PROJECTION: Undrafted Free Agent S Nehemiah Warrick (6'0 , 211, 4.54 - 40 yard) Strengths: Gets adequate knee bend in backpedal and closes quickly when receivers catch the ball in front of him. Shows good range, has long arms so doesn't have to be in perfect position to get hands on the ball and capable of covering the deep half of the field when plays with sound technique. Has good size, tall enough to add more bulk to frame and can line up in the box. Plays with a mean streak and flashes the ability to deliver the big hit. Has experience returning kickoffs as well as punts and can contribute on special teams. Weaknesses: Lacks ideal instincts, takes too long to locate the ball and vulnerable to play action. Takes too many false steps and lacks the second gear to recover once caught out of position. Turns shoulders too quickly when trying to funnel receivers inside and is vulnerable to effective double moves. Gets caught looking into the backfield too much, doesn't appear to read routes well and allows receivers to get behind him when asked to cover the deep half of the field. Has big hands but lacks ideal ball skills and isn't much of a playmaker in coverage. Shows adequate-at-best upper body strength, doesn't show a violent punch and takes too long to shed blocks. Doesn't always take sound angles to the ball and could make more plays in pursuit. Fails to wrap up at times and is an inconsistent open field tackler. Missed one game with a knee injury in 2006, missed one game with an ankle injury in 2007 and durability is a minor concern. Overall: Warrick enrolled at Hutchinson (Kan.) CC in 2004, walking on to the team and recording 36 receptions for 516 yards (14.3 average) and four touchdowns as a freshman wide receiver. He moved to cornerback in 2005 but transitioned to safety during the season, turning in 60 tackles, two interceptions and eight pass breakups on his way to NJCAA first-team All-America honors. In 2006, he transferred to Michigan State and appeared in 11 games (10 starts) in his first season with the Spartans, posting 45 tackles (3.5 for losses) and three pass breakups. As a senior in 2007, Warrick played 12 games and had 61 tackles (one for a loss) and three pass breakups. He missed one game in '07 because of a lower leg injury and sat out a game in '06 after twisting his knee. There's a lot to like about Warrick's size, speed and burst but he is a far better football player than athlete at this point and there is some concern he will never realize his potential because he makes too many mistakes for a player with his experience. With that in mind, he projects as a late fifth or early sixth round pick. OL / OG Andrew Bain (6'3, 325, 5.299 - 40 yard) Strengths: Possesses adequate height and excellent bulk. Is thickly built and well-proportioned. Displays adequate short-area mobility and plays with good body control for size. Physical and can engulf defenders when gets squared up at the point of attack. Weaknesses: Consistently comes out of his stance too high and loses power at the point of attack as a result. He plays under control but lacks ideal initial quickness out of stance. Is massive but not explosively strong. Absorbs defenders too frequently instead of initiating contact. Looks hesitant too often and also leaves his feet more than he should. Lacks ideal experience and is still learning position. Overall technique and awareness need improvement. While has some experience lining up at tackle, lack of agility would be exposed there at the NFL so doesn't have great versatility. Overall: Bain was redshirted in 2003. In his first three seasons at Miami (2004-'06), he played in 32 games (14 starts), primarily at left guard. As a senior in 2007, he started 10 games at left guard, missing two because of a quadriceps injury. Bain also saw action at right guard and offensive tackle with the Hurricanes. Bain lacks the height and feet to ever become more than a backup guard in the NFL. However, he has excellent bulk and enough short-area mobility to work with so he projects as a late round pick or rookie free agent. OL / OT Glenn "Digger" Bujnoch (6'3 , 287, 5.2 - 40 yard) SI (6'5 285, 5.29 - 40 yard) SI BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter at right tackle who saw time at tight end early in his college career. POSITIVES: Hard-working small-area tackle who projects to guard at the next level. Quick in all aspects of his game, makes terrific use of angles and body positioning, and attacks assignments. Stays square, effectively places his hands into defenders, and keeps his feet moving. Plays with a good degree of intelligence and keeps his head on a swivel. NEGATIVES: Struggles to adjust and beaten by quick opponents. Lacks a dominant base and does not get much movement run-blocking. ANALYSIS: Bujnoch has been a productive and mostly durable prospect in college, yet he must improve his playing strength for any chance at the next level.
  6. Hey Next Year Pac Man with be covering Super Mario
  7. DAM you PRINCE!!! If you didn't have diplomatic immunity I would... ...Uh are you even a real Prince.....YOU SIR ARE A LIER!!!
  8. Didn't we sign Tynes long term?? Maybe punter that JF can teach up??
  9. 6-4 235...Another big guy good site for highlight videos http://nfldraft.rivals.com/viewprorank.asp?ra_key=132
  10. With that score I don't know if he could read what we write about him
  11. WOW check out the highlight real over on Giants.com....This is very fast fro a guy his size
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