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    Oh big deal.....I had Cooking with God...He ended up getting suspended for making sangria when the teacher wasn't looking...
  2. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.... They have us ranked 31 in "Title track" (Past and future titles expected) We have 3 Superbowl Victories and multipule "Championships" Yet they rank Tampa (1sb) Bal (1sb) Denver (2sb) All ahead of us?? Couching...This is a joke Cards (0 playoffs in past 10 + years) Texans Are both ranked higher then us Total Rank Seahawks Jags Chargers All ranked as better teams then the Giants??? We have more titles just this past year then they do in their history...
  3. Thats great and all but Vince Young killed your arguement..LOL He is a Wr...He doesn't need to be smart to be great...Look at Chris Carter...He is half a retard
  4. Hey.....When we play Greenbay....Do you think they will man up.... Cause then it could be Super Mario vs Atari (Bigby)
  5. ESPN DE Wallace Gilberry - (6'2 , 268, 5.0 - 40 yard) Strengths: Possesses adequate-to-good height and bulk and tough, aggressive and active versus the run. Hands continue to improve and he does a decent job of getting off blocks, finding the ball and pursuing. Generally displays good leverage out of his stance. He is a good open-field tackler for his position. Displays good initial pop and will stand some OT's up with his short area explosiveness. He displays some quality power moves as a pass rusher. Plays with a great motor and is relentless. Excellent experience at the highest
  6. Hey Next Year Pac Man with be covering Super Mario
  7. DAM you PRINCE!!! If you didn't have diplomatic immunity I would... ...Uh are you even a real Prince.....YOU SIR ARE A LIER!!!
  8. Didn't we sign Tynes long term?? Maybe punter that JF can teach up??
  9. 6-4 235...Another big guy good site for highlight videos http://nfldraft.rivals.com/viewprorank.asp?ra_key=132
  10. With that score I don't know if he could read what we write about him
  11. WOW check out the highlight real over on Giants.com....This is very fast fro a guy his size
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