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  1. Nevermind the fact the guy got shot.
  2. Uhhhh, the guy got shot give him a break.
  3. Yeah, I think it says to the reserves, "we can get a future hall of famer that has helped get to two and win one superbowl. Shut the fuck up and go have a sammich while waiting your turn." That's what I think it says.
  4. Well if our biggest problem is our kicker we're in better shape that most teams
  5. I read it as he was saying that we enjoyed it ourselves, the media didn't let us gloat too long.
  6. The question is not aimed at us, Giants fans, but to the sports world in general. And I agree. The media went mostly to the Patriots and what a disappointment they were not necessarily how amazing the Giants defense was. Then the game was swept quickly and neatly under the rug to wait for another preseason of the Giants "sucking." I hope they suck as badly as they did last year.
  7. Johnson certainly is not overrated. I'd go with #85 Chad Johnson before Andre.
  8. That whole thing was funny. That was Ldiggity right?
  9. Or the fact they felt compelled to shit all over the concept of team sports and play two guys, one out of position, that spent the vast majority of the season on the DL. A big fuck oyu to Craig Wilson, Cabrera ad the others that contributed throughout. Good Call Torre.
  10. Wrong. Cano was out for a large portion of the year. He missed a solid thirty games. If not 40.
  11. Melky seemed to step up and produce last year, that's what matters. The team didn't fall apart when Melky came in, they thrived. He played real well, especially in the field. He's got a cannon for an arm and has range for days. Sneaky good, like Manny? Is that the Manny cutting off Damon, or the Manny trotting for a ball that falls two feet in front of him? Matsui has been picked off second by the catcher on a snap throw. He's a clown. Sick to watching Boston buddy. Matsui and Sheffield proved my theory right last year that the Yanks had too many players that thought they needed to hit homeruns. Once Sheff and Matsui went down young guys came in that jsut wanted to get hits, they did and the Yanks scored 930 runs. Without Sheffield and Matsui. They don't need Matsui. his role on the team is more revenue related. I'd rather get Melky experience, because his hitting will be better this year. Nothing more than a fourth outfielder? Good luck with J.D. Drew.
  12. I'll do that too. Anything to get that circus out of LF and get an actual athlete out there owuld be great.
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