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Randolph: Pedro not a lock to start Game 1

Plax 4 Prez

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Pedro Martinez might not be a lock to start the New York Mets' playoff opener after all.






Mets manager Willie Randolph backtracked Monday from an earlier pronouncement that his ace would start the Mets' first playoff game. Martinez is coming back from a calf injury and has made two starts since his return.


"[Martinez] might need more time and get pushed back I said to you guys initially he might go in Game 1 ... but that's always subject to change," Randolph told reporters on Monday. "So what I am saying to you is that depending on how he comes out of his start [Wednesday], who knows? He might need to be pushed back a little. "



"That's all just hypothetical," Randolph added.



"Obviously, if Pedro feels fine, if he's doing fine, we'll wait and see toward the end of the week when we play [in the first round]," he said. "If anything, make some adjustments on that. You can always flip-flop it."



Martinez did not disagree with his manager's assessment of the playoff rotation. "There is always a chance" he could be pushed back, he said.


When asked if a decision on Game 1 will depend on his performance against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night, Martinez said he doesn't "want to depend on anything."


"I've got no comments about that," he said. "I don't know what's going to happen, so I can't say anything."

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6 straight for us. i'm telling you, no one wants any part of us in the playoffs. we're one of those teams who's streaking at the right time and could do some damage--there's one team like that every year


Keep up the good work and we won't have to beat up on each other. :)

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I was just about to post how you better be very worried now. But keep in mind, El Duque is a playoff master. He can come right in do what you need.

I didn't want to admit it but we need Pedro. Can't rely on El Duque.


I guess it's going to be:


El Duque





Ugh. And Mets fans need to root against Houston. If they get into the playoffs, they have a really good chance of beating us in the first round.

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I pay these late season games from teams like the Mets that have everything their possibly is to wrap up wrapped up with a grain of salt, just like I do the teams that suck balls and all of a sudden start playing well in September. When you have what the Mets have in terms of nothing to play for, it becomes about individuals and guys start to try and do things on a personal level, for instance Beltran and the club HR record, Reyes and the SB record and runs scored record etc. What then happens is guys (because this is the one time in the season they can) start to do things for individualism, such as not move a runner over, swing 3-0(as a silly arguement was made last week by a certain MVP candidiate that did that), its human nature. These games are as meaningful against teams with no shot as a spring training game. Its also about fear of being injured, do not think that players know certain efforts should be avoided in these spots.


With that being said, bring on ANY team in the NL. Over this 162 game season EVERYONE saw that the Mets were the class of the NL, that goes for games against the Padres, Dodgers, Cards whomever. There is not a lineup 1-8 in the NL that matches the Mets, and their pen is better than ANYONES overall in the league. That is without Sanchez. I am not saying that they are going to win, but to base opinions of what the Mets will do based on the last 10 days of MEANINGLESS GAMES is silly!

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