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NYG Offense at it's best


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Guest MontyPython
funny thing: I don't think I've enjoyed watching Tiki run more than I have the last couple of years. Before then, I always had apprehension when he carried the ball. Now, I'm shocked if he fumbles.



Thanks to Col Coughlin and the crew.


Fassel & crew had some shortcomings, one of them apparently was Barber's ball handling. Fassel always talked about Tiki "getting focused" when carrying the ball...looks like Col Coughlin got Tiki to "focus" on holding the ball correctly, then running with it lol


He literally went from a chronic "fumbler"... to a dependable "non-fumbler" overnight. amazing turnaround, and probably one of the best, if not best, RB's to play for the NYG's!

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