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Fuck it trade for firsts.


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10 hours ago, GorillaNJ said:


  • Round 1, 2022: No. 7 overall


  • Round 1, 2022: No. 22 overall
  • Round 2, 2022: No. 59
  • Round 2, 2023

Why the deal makes sense: It puts the Packers in position to draft a replacement for wide receiver Davante Adams, who was shipped to the Las Vegas Raiders. It also gives the Giants two more premium picks: a second-rounder this year and a second-round selection in 2023. General manager Joe Schoen needs affordable quality talent and the draft is the best way to make that happen. Although it’s a bit surprising he would trade back without getting a first-round selection for next year.

Given the 2022 picks are late 1st and 2nd round, I would want that 2023 Packers pick to be a 1st rounder, in order for me to bite....not a 2nd rounder.

Looking at draft value charts (which I know aren't exact and are only a guide) this scenario above would mean the Giants lose a little bit of value, unless the Packers have an abysmal season and that 2nd round pick is 33-38ish.

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I'm still hoping for a scenario where we have Carolina competing with Atlanta and/or Seattle to move up to the #5 to take Willis. In that scenario, I think you take the #6 pick from Carolina plus 2nd or 3rd rounder (2022 or 2023). Essentially the Giants get an extra premium draft pick, and still get the player they prefer at #6 (assuming one of the three premium OL are available at 6).

Alternatively, if two of the three premium OL are on the board at #5, a trade down with Atlanta at #8 should be considered, assuming they're moving up to take a QB. Again in the end, you still get a premium OL, this time at #7, and they'd likely have to give up a 2nd rounder to us to move up.

Then pick Sauce Gardener or Trevon Walker or Thibs with the other pick.

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