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Giants signing "TE" Kelvin Benjamin.


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I’m wondering if Devante Booker will even make the 53. The contract was a waste from the start. And Clement is better, in my opinion. They’re similar backs. Not fast but quick and powerful. 

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Both are good low risk signings.

The probability either one makes it on the 53 man is pretty slim, Clement being a one dimensional back who was hurt more often than not, and Benjamin being a 30 year old convert TE who hasnt taken a snap since 2018.

However if either guy shows up and impresses then it's worth the chance.

If I had to guess I would say Benjamin might be the one making the team, they could run four TEs or even drop Toiloliloolol for him.

Barkley and Booker are 1 and 2 and rightfully so, but Clement is basically competing against the rookie Brightwell. If Brightwell needs a year or so on the practice squad, then Clement can be the bench change of pace guy, however Brightwell outperforms Clement, then he's back in the FA pool.

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