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Inevitable Kick Returner Signing

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So who do we pay too much money this year to return kicks, for some reason? I’m seeing Cordarrelle Patterson. It warms my heart to see that it’s been like a decade now and the Giants haven’t figured out that because of rule changes, kick and punt returner isn’t a position that requires a roster spot, lol. Just put anyone out there who can watch the ball sail into the end zone. Most receivers and running backs can wave a hand for fair catch and catch a punt, too. 

Patterson’s value is as a backup running back; not as a kick return specialist, lol. 

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I seen this tweet. 

Figured it couldn't be real.

Then I realized he's an over the hill return guy who wasn't a good WR, so they just threw him anywhere on the field and he was still awful.

So we will give him 5 million a year lol 



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1 minute ago, BlueInCanada said:

Granted our returners last year were just awful lol 

But go get a guy with some value.

Not a 30 year old, who was once a good returner.

The only issue with the Giants returners was that they actually thought it was wise to return kicks, at all. Peppers was a fine punt returner, though. 

It is detrimental to even bother to return kickoffs, though. Kickoffs shouldn’t even exist in their current form. 

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2 minutes ago, Storm said:

Apparently, Judge is smitten with the guy. 

Oh right the New England connection.

I mean vet minimum sure why not. 

DG will give him a 3 year 18 million dollar contract though.

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We just signed a fullback...so two positions that fade in importance each and every year FB and KR...Dave Gettleman is focusing on, lol.

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