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Giants leadership calls players only meeting.


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Lead by Barkley, Peppers, Tate and even Jenkins (despite the trade rumours)


Some twitter post mentioned that of all the team of the last 10 years to call players only meeting only 3 ever went on to a winning record or the playoffs.


Let's hope it becomes 4 by year's end.

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In fact, Id like to see no trades and the Giants build on what they have. They had their fire sale, they cant trade away their desirable players every season and ever hope to compete. Just like they need to ride with Shurmur for another two seasons and see his vision realized. They just cant afford to reboot with a new coach every two seasons.

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We don't have anyone to trade or the only team trying to trade a veteran CB for that matter. As for Shurmur, his time with the Giants is dependent on the progress of Daniel Jones. Shurmur will coach out his contract with the four years remaining if Daniel Jones continues to improve.


Coughlin had to reassure management that Eli Manning was ready and capable of taking the Giants to a super bowl and received a contract extension based on that.

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