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How to legally watch Giants games using a VPN


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For Giants fan who don't live in the Nyc area, here is a how-to for watching the games legally using a VPN...

First, you will need to subscribe to a VPN provider. For those unfamiliar with VPNs, simply put they are small programs you install on your computer to hide your browsing while online. I use a VPN called Torguard. It costs around $45 for an entire year. There are a bunch of others out there, but I'm partial to Torguard, and I'll explain why in a sec. Once you install the program, launch it. Now, the reason I like Torguard is allows you to choose from a list of available VPN locations. You can choose from different cities and countries. When it comes to Giants games, I choose the New Jersey location. This is because you need to pick a location that is in the Giants tv market.

Once you choose the correct market city, go to the Fox Sports streaming site: www.foxsports.com/foxsportsgo/
Since you are accessing the site from the Giants tv market, the game link will be shown on the page. Click the link and you will be asked to log in to your local tv/internet provider account. Log in, and voila! You can now watch the Fox stream (in HD!)

Now, Giants games on CBS that are not nationally televised are a problem. CBS does not offer free streaming of their local channels like Fox. As such, you'll have to use other methods to watch those games.

VPNs also offer other perks...

You can get out of market broadcasts. For instance, I live in philly and the Flyers broadcast team is terrible. When I watch my Rangers play them, I'll use the VPN to log into NHL Gamecenter from another state and I can then watch the Rangers feed.

Another perk is file downloading. Torguard has bit torrent specific VPNs you can use. Nice and covert for downloading Game of Thrones on the qt.

Torguard also gives you a free secure online email address if you want to sign up for any sites or message boards and you don't want to use you everyday email address.

If anyone has any questions, just ask. I only started using VPNs this year and they are easy to use and worth the $ imo.


Torguard site: https://torguard.net

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That sounds like a lot of work and money. I'll steal my games thanks

:laugh: Yeah, I seem to get about 6-8 games on TV here every year, so the rest i just stream. but it would be nice to see it in HD.......some of those streams can be so bad.

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