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Rookie Class Photo

Mr. P

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That looks like the picks in order, right?


Top Row: Flowers, Collins, O'diggy

Bottom Row: Mykkele Thompson, Geremy Davis, Bobby Hart


It's startling to see how massive Flowers is. O'diggy is 6'3" about 270 lbs and Flowers is towering over him and Collins, and Flowers is slouching!

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Flowers is huge.

So is Hart. He's an inch shorter than Flowers, but the same weight.


Hart has those monster legs to set himself like a wall. Legs remind me of Andrus Peat's. And Hart is only 20 years old and played 4 years at FSU. Played (and started a few games) as a 17 year old freshman. Played right tackle protecting Jameis Winston, but will compete for a guard spot on the Giants....possibly an emergency backup at tackle if two tackled go down to injuries.


Regardless - he's huge - huge legs and huge bubble ass - strong as an ox in his lower extremities



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Collins looks more Linebacker than a Safety. Odighizuwa looks like a terminator.


If you watch this http://www.giants.com/videos/videos/How-do-you-pronounce-Owamagbe-Odighizuwa/603f86cf-e648-4812-b9a0-9f5461f42d5d


you will notice that Owamagbe has a front tooth gap that just might be bigger than Strahan's. Only time I have seen him smile.

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