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How do I become an NFL scout


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Have you played organized football before? Do you know enough to coach? If you do, start with coaching. Go to a High School and see if they are looking for help on the coaching staff. Get experience there and then move on to the college ranks as a coach. Work your way up in the college ranks, do a good job there and then you can apply for a NFL teams scouting department. As crazy as it sounds it's like any other job, you have to work your way from the bottom up. It takes years, you cant just up and say "I'm going to be a NFL scout". It just dont work like that. You should have coaching experience, build up your resume.


Then once you make it that far, you're assigned an area and they send you a list of players in May. You rate the players based on size, speed, and level of the competition. Then you travel to all those colleges, every D-IA school. Sometimes even D-II schools if the player is rated high enough. You scout every player, you watch them practice, lift, and play. You have tape of the game and thats what you grade off of. You talk to all the coaches and trainers to get a good feel for his character and how hard he works. Every thing else is instinct.

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since i graduate next week???



You start out on the Giants Message Board, then make your way up to Sportswrath, and then when you get to BBI, you should be well on your way.


Just kidding...never hurts to be an ex-pro, play in college, or even coach a high school football team. You could also offer your services for free if that ever gets your foot in the door.

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