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Official "Bash Junior" thread


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It is often said that the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree".


Well.....in my opinion, junior's apple rolled down the hill after it fell from the tree because he drives nothing like his father did....not even close.


Junior inherited one of the finest owner/crews in NASCAR and was handed an above competive car. I admit that he is a better than average driver at Daytona, but after that.....he's mediocre at best, not even qualifying in the top ten racers last year (in fact, had a pretty good "last race" that moved him up a couple of notches to claim the 19th spot in the 2005 standings)


It doesn't get much more "average" than being right in the middle of the pack for regular drivers.


Yet........every analyst in the media spends half their time cheering and talking about Junior. I watched a race last year in which he was in 35th position for half the race yet the cameras followed him the entire time as though everyone in the world was interested in Jr.'s race. Meanwhile, Carl Edwards drove a fantastic race in which he won, but only got camera time in the final few laps. Dittos for Biffle, Newman, Mayfield, etc......all drivers that were far ahead of Junior in the race and in the standings.


When it was obvious that Junior wasn't going to be close to reaching the top ten in standings to make a run for the title, the media acted as if the world had come to an end and one by one, each lamented his poor season.


The point: Why all the media fixation on Junior? Why do all the rednecks come out of the woods and leave their trailers on Sunday to ride in their pickup trucks to the racetrack wearing number 8 all over their bodies?


Kyle Petty's son was killed in wreck in the same year that Junior's father was killed......but the Petty's haven't gotten more than 50% of all NASCAR news the way Jr.'s has.


Regardless......I can't stand Jr. because of the way the media has tried to turn him into, "America's Driver", the way that Dallas' marketing gurus turned the Cowboy's into "America's Team".

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I agree, if he's running open, meaning with no restrictor plate, he's very average yet the media treats him as if he were the second coming of the Intimidator.


Not that I'm sore or anything, but Biffle made a damned good run at being the first driver to EVER win a championship in the Truck, Busch, and Nextel series' yet you rarely hear his name compared to Jr. Or even Stewart, who could win in a Tonka truck with a rubber band motor doesn't get the media attention as Jr (until this year). There are some damned good drivers not getting the respect they deserve, yet the media wants to blow Jr and Gordon, but at least (God I hate saying this), but at least Gordon has earned his hype.

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I think it is reasonable to assume that Jr. will end up at the back of the pack in today's race as he has already shot his annual wad last Sunday. I just hope he takes out Stewart. If not him.....then someone!! :furious:


If Jr. put Stewart into the wall.....I might actually start liking the guy. But I'm afraid he's so unlike his father that that is only a pipe dream!

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