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Coughlin and Belicheck


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I dont know if this was already brought up in another thread or not but there seemed to be a real emotional embrace at the end of the game by the two of them. I thought it was nice to see these two together with all there history. I just thought it was something overlooked and thought it was good not only for the game but the Coaches themselves.

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Agree. Saw that when I watched the replay (I was jumping, screaming, hugging, etc when it actually happened) and was surprised it hadn't been talked about. Belechick especially seemed very emotional - not something he's known for!

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funny. I think it was 1stentem that was talking about the lack of coverage on their history a week and change back but on media day there was a British reporter asking Bellichek about it.


He talked about how for 3 years back on the Giants in the 80s, his guys would mimic the opponent for Tom's guys and then Tom's guys would mimic the opponent for his and how much time they spent watching tape together and working together to give each other the desired looks in practice as well as coaching up their own guys for their systems. You could tell that he held Tom in very high regard and it sure seems to be mutual.

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