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Another monster game by JPP (wasted, unfortunately)


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Unfortuantely, the one big Play Tuck made early in the game took him out of the game, looked like his body was going limp. This is not the first time he's left the field like that. He doesn't look right at all. But we got nothing from the 2 guys up the middle all day.

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I heard on the game today that because of some kind of rule, JPP isn't on the Pro Bowl Ballot.


What a shame. I can't think of another DE in the game today I'd rather have than that guy.

Who said that Joe schmuck or Troy asswipe? It's a fucking stupid rule, if you are not named the starter at the start of the year you do not get on the ballot. Also the gaints could have taken other players off and put JPP and or Cruxz on but most teams won't do this for fear of upsetting the players on the ballot.



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