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Goodbye Jose


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I can't really blame the dude for taking the most money he can get. But I just know that this isn't going to end well in Miami. I'm sure Jose will have a great time on South Beach, party every night, and will rarely have to speak English, so good for him. :rolleyes: For some reason I am just not pissed about this, like I think others are. I did think he was part of the solution, but not at $106 million over 6 years. I hope Wilmer Flores is on the fast track, I don't think Tejada is the long term solution, just no pop in that bat. To me, if you are just a singles hitter, you better be among the league leaders in stolen bases. We'll see.


What do you guys think? Blow it up, trade Wright? I think our best team is in the minors still developing. We're just waiting for guys like Wheeler, Harvey, and Mejia to come up and make their stamp on this team. Still optimistic about Havens, too, and of course, the aforementioned Flores, who I really hope turns into a superstar.


I think if only Ike Davis stays healthy, the guy could have an enormous year, and if Wright and Bay stay, I believe they are really going to benefit (especially in the mental aspect of the game) by the new fences.


But I am the eternal optimist. It's hard to get too excited knowing the Wilpons still own this team when they damn well know the right thing for them to do is to sell to an owner who doesn't have the litigation hanging over them... it's not like the Mets are making them money. I read some article that puts part of the blame on Selig for giving them an open-ended, zero-interest(?) loan, no timetable to pay it back, and without that loan they would be forced to sell.


Fuck you, Selig.

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Yeah Allstar I am down on this move by Reyes...unfortunately we were not going to win with him near term. Not with Crook Sr. and Crook Jr. still in charge of the Mets. They are on a mega payroll shrink because of this Madoff Scandal. I think we should sell off our remaining guys like Wright and go in for a genuine 2-3 year rebuild from our blown up farm system and draft. GOD I wish the Mets could be taken from the Wilpons right this minute. Not good baseball people and from what I can see...not good people period.

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