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Giants stadium is the biggest piece of shit in the NFL. Just about every heartbreaking moment that has happened to this team in recent memory has occurred there. Bad to mediocre teams come into town and if they don't beat us, it usually takes everything in the Giants power to pull out a win. It's essentially a 16 game season on the road except they actually perform better when they're in another teams building.

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you are all over-reacting


the Eagles were like a cornered Lion....it was for their season.....for us we still control our destiny

No we aren't. This is a horrible loss Jack. It's about pride and heart against a division rival and they showed none. You're right though the Giants do control their own destiny. All they have to do is beat Brees and the Saints, who will have 15 days to prepare for us and/or beat the Packers,who are led by currently the best football player in the world. I'm hopeful till the end but don't say we are overreacting this was a HUGE missed opportunity.

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