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Ravens vs Chiefs


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I am not sure why Haley stops running it, even when the run is working.

I wrote the same thing in my thread in the GD. Haley sucks! Charles was killing them, so what does he do??? Starts having Cassle chuck it to a bunch of nobody receivers.


Someone needs to tell him Kurt Warner retired and isnt on the Chiefs.


IMO Haley blew that game. Everything was going their way until he started chucking it.



and... I HATE THE BORING ASS RAVENS! :ranting2:

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tell me again why we did not draft Ray Rice from NEW FNNNNN JERSEY!!!!! :sheeplover:


I was saying before the draft this kid is a fucking stud.


This is what the Giants need....if they had a dependable back, they'd be in the playoffs right now.

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It's amazing to watch other teams close out games....being a Giants fan, it's like I'm on another fucking planet watching the Ravens close out a win.


Hope the Giants were watching this and taking notes.

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