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Coughlin's plan if Fewell leaves....


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After a long exhaustive search in the bowels of the New Meadowlands Stadium (sad in itself)


Giants HC Tom Coughlin announced he has found a Fewell replacement right in the NY Giants equipment room.


Coughlin is singing the praises of Klem Keddiddlehopper, who Tom found cleaning laundry, and picking up towels.


When asked what Keddiddlehopper's qualifications were Coach Coughlin responded with a red face "YOU CAN KISS MY IRISH ASS!!!!, he's my nephew"........ and stormed off gesturing wildly throwing his clip board on the floor at 5:45 AM Saturday morning....After arriving at the stadium at his usual 5AM time in the off season (he arrives at 4AM in season)


Coughlin claimed to be not uptight at all about steering a SB quality roster onto the rocks in 2010....as he mooned the hastily assembled press crew of one.


Jets announced they were doubling the size of their cheerleading staff since according to them the Giants offered their cheerleaders locker room which is already covered in cobwebs. Jets carpenters were in there right away installing the one way mirrors and peepholes at foot level.


Stay tuned for rapidly developing developments :freaked:

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