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Can't Cover Brown


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He won't be missed. Man, when the opposing teams offensive strategy is simply, "throw the ball to whoever CC is covering", and the QB ends up with a 147 rating when sticking to that strategy....it's amazing any team would pick him up.


Regardless....I wish him luck (not really, but...). I'm excited to see our new team of safeties this coming season. Guys who can actually cover, hit, anticipate, wrap up, etc.

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I don't remember the play exactly....all I know is that the opposing team had like a 3rd and 25 and this guy gets sucked in on a "play action".... my mouth dropped open as he actually checked down for a run ...hesitated and his guy either got the first down or scored. I forget which. :o:doh::blink: I had never seen a more incompetent play sequence in my lifetime of watching football at any level. :mellow:

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