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Some Notes From Rookie Mini-Camp

Mr. P

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im sure we'll get some full articles later but heres some things i read:



In one hour of practice I've heard more from Perry Fewell than I did all season from Bill Sheridan.


Dodge has a bunch of nice and long punts, maybe 45 to 50 yards. Shanked one but looked like that was his try at angling to sideline.


Some scouting reports questioned P Matt Dodge's leg strength. After finally seeing him in person, I question those reports.


JPP has one nice play when he comes around right edge + gets in face of Holy Cross QB Dom Randolph.


Perry Fewell is loud and energetic. He's screaming at D: Let's get som turnovers! Let's get to the football!"

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Giants Draft Picks Take Field For First Day Of Team's Rookie Minicamp


Busy day at the Giants' practice facility today, with Jeff Feagles expected to announce his retirement this afternoon. But here are a few quick hits from the first practice of rookie minicamp this morning:


We saw new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell on the practice field for the first time. He was very vocal and involved (not to mention feisty), like when he was screaming out for the defensive linemen to "Finish! Finish! Finish!" their drill. He has also been chasing the players down to make sure they run full speed through their drills and yelling about getting to the ball. Still early, but Fewell could be the kind of instigator the Giants 'D' needs.


First-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul is as lean and athletic as advertised. Physically, he kind of looks like a cross between Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka. And second-round pick DT Linval Joseph (319 pounds) looks to be in good shape.


Got a look at Pierre-Paul at right end, Joseph at tackle, fourth-round LB Phillip Dillard at MLB (between sixth-round pick Adrian Tracy and Kenny Ingram).


JP-P had once nice play where he came around the right edge to get in face of former Holy Cross QB Dom Randolph.


Former Rutgers LS Ryan Neill started off long snapping for punt drills. Seventh-round pick Matt Dodge and Jy Bond each punted, with Dodge kicking first and taking more of the reps. Former Rutgers WR Tim Brown and former Umass WR Victor Cruz were practicing returns (didn't see third-round pick Chad Jones back there).


Dodge had several nice, long punts of about 45 to 50 yards. Seems to have a good leg. He shanked one, too, but it looked like that was also his try at angling toward the sideline.


Bond has a bit of a different style (the Aussie style) but his punts were a bit shorter with a different trajectory.


QB Rhett Bomar, who will be fighting for a roster spot this year, had a few nice and tight throws, including to Brown and tryout WR D.J. McAulay and another in traffic. But he also misfired a few times, including one over the head of McAulay, which resulted in Bomar being upset with himself.


Randolph has a good arm, but overthrew his receivers a few times on go routes up the sideline.


There was a collision between third-round S Chad Jones and Cruz. Both were slow to get up, but Cruz got the worst of it. Jones stayed on the field for the next reps.


FA CB Seth Williams (Richmond) had the first two picks of camp, off Randolph and tryout QB Riley Skinner.


Tryout RB Tony Hunt (Penn State) fumbled on one carry, and the ball was recovered by Tommie Hill. Joseph recovered a fumbled snap right before practice wrapped.



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Rookie Mini Camp: Morning Practice Report



It’s been quite a packed half day so far between the opening of the rookie minicamp, the Jeff Feagles retirement ceremony (which was done with the utmost of class, by the team), and then the open locker room. I have LOADS to share – just have to get everything written up .


But let’s start with the morning practice report. Head coach Tom Coughlin’s objective, as is always the case every year, is to have his staff dispense as much information as possible and see how the rookies respond. “We put a little pressure on them to learn and move forward. To know the way in which we want it done, and to get a head start so that when they return back in a couple of weeks, they have a little bit of a foundation.”


First rounder Jason Pierre-Paul came as advertised as far as his physical build is concerned – tall and lean. He reminds one of a cross between Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanukain his build. Coughlin said he liked what he saw of Pierre-Paul. “He’s hungry to learn; that’s the most important part of it all.”


Pierre-Paul seemed to get a lot of praise from his position coach, Robert Nunn, who praised for playing with the proper pad level on one drill. We thought that Pierre-Paul also showed an explosive first step off the snap. Afterwards in the locker room, you had to appreciate his candor when asked what kind of player the Giants were getting.


“The best,” he said with a straight face.The good news is that he’s certainly off on the right foot.


Second rounder DT Linval Joseph, who’s not quite as big as I thought he would be, was very compact in his movement. The problem though with Joseph is he didn’t always pick up his feet all the way, at times hitting the cones.


Speaking of Joseph, he caught an earful from new defensive coordinator Perry Fewellwhen he slowed down in his pursuit of a play that was running away from him. Fewell screamed to “hustle, hustle,” a mistake the rookie did not make again in the morning practice. Joseph did a nice job to close practice with a scooped up fumble that he returned for a touchdown.


Third rounder S Chad Jones, who played at both safety spots, fielded a couple of punts, but didn’t have any returns as he was just there to catch the ball. This kid really has a lot of upside, and we liked how he hustled to the ball on defense, even if the play went away from him.


Fourth round pick LB Phillip Dillard appeared to be hesitating in his unit’s drills, a couple of times misreading the play. He eventually settled down though and showed more patience, though he surprised us by taking wider angles to the ball carriers.


“He moves around well,” said Coughlin of Dillard. He’s juggling around with making the calls and being aligned properly. He was noticeable.”


Fifth rounder G Mitch Petruswas a little too antsy, jumping offside on one play. The thing to like here, though, was that Petrus became angry with himself, let out a loud grunt, then with smoke coming out of his ear holes, reset himself, and made sure that he was perfect on the next play.


Petrus received a rather warm welcome from his offensive line mates. It seems that an anonymous prankster decided to put a piece of masking tape scrawled with the words “rookie” and a word that rhymes with his first name.


Petrus, who’s feistiness comes as advertised, shrugged it off and took it all in stride, saying, “I guess I’ll find out who it was soon enough.”


Sixth round draft pick LB Adrian Tracy, who is converting to outside linebacker at the pro level, looked very alert and quick in moving sideline to sideline. He was very patient with letting things develop showed good initial sideline-to-sideline quickness in his unit’s drills and did a nice job of following the ball rather than guessing.


Who said that seventh round pick, P Matt Dodge has a weak leg? Not from what I was able to see. Dodge’s initial kick was a bit of a clunker, but then he went on to hit some nice moon shots. The one kick that he tried to directional kick along the sidelines was shanked, but otherwise he had a solid outing for his first practice.


In terms of the free agents, two really stood out. There was CB Seth William (Richmond) had a big morning, picking off two passes and breaking up another. Both of his interceptions came against Dominic Randolph(Holy Cross), who on both occasions vastly under threw the ball. After practice, Williams was one of the players that Coughlin singled out as having had a good morning.


Another player Coughlin gave praise to? Rutgers WR Tim Brown. Brown showed good initial quickness getting off the line and saw a little work in both the slot and as an outside receiver. What we liked about Brown is how he fought to shield the ball away, and he also did a nice job with making receptions on balls thrown to his front shoulder, looking the ball in.


“He was quick off the ball and he made some nice catches,” Coughlin said of Brown. “He adjusted well and went low and picked the ball out of the air. He was able to maneuver his body past the defenders when he was headed out on a deep route. He knows what he’d doing out there and he has some nice speed.”


The first defensive line, for those wondering, consisted of Pierre-Paul, Joseph, DE Tommie Hill, and DT Dwayne Hendricks.


Duke CB Leon Wright, who was supposed to be on the mini camp roster, failed his physical, and was sent home. Also not participating in the minicamp were S Sha’ref Rashad and OL Herb Taylor. Coughlin mentioned that some guys ran into issues with the medical staff, but didn’t mention those guys by name.


As I said, there’s a LOT to cover today and I haven’t’ even scratched the surface. We’re getting ready to head outside for the afternoon practice so I’ll have an afternoon report available later this evening and a fuller report for subscribers tonight.




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I am getting Deja-Vu as this was what we heard last year too. I just hope the D actually plays to potential this year. <_<


i do not remember at all hearing about how vocal and shit sheridan was.


1 comment from a beat writer was that Fewell said more in the morning session of rookie mini camp than Sheridan did all season.

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i do not remember at all hearing about how vocal and shit sheridan was.


1 comment from a beat writer was that Fewell said more in the morning session of rookie mini camp than Sheridan did all season.


Not about him yelling, which isn't a measure of coaching prowess anyway, but about how the D was looking good and how great the D played compared to the O. I guess from all the pre-hype from last year I am now a skeptic.

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Not about him yelling, which isn't a measure of coaching prowess anyway, but about how the D was looking good and how great the D played compared to the O. I guess from all the pre-hype from last year I am now a skeptic.





well its only rookie mini camp.

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day 2


jpp's back is bothering him but hes still pushing through the practices.


let the panic begin.




"Perry Fewell is not joking around. Defensive coordinator is screaming at these rooks and free agents for not sprinting out drills."

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Tom Coughlin on JPP: "I think he's going through the conditioning aspect of it. He's suffering a little, but he's hanging in there."


More Coughlin on JPP: "I wish he was running around like perhaps I thought he would be. But he's learning."


Coughlin added MLB Phillip Dillard is showing "flashes" but S Chad Jones is struggling and arrived "a little heavy."

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Jason Pierre-Paul's conditioning tested on Day 2 of rookie mini-camp




Jason Pierre-Paul's morning on Day 2 of rookie mini-camp didn't get off to the smoothest start. After having his back rubbed, sprayed and bandaged, the first-round pick stayed on the field but lagged behind the other defensive linemen through some of the drills and never looked quite comfortable.


Coach Tom Coughlin attributed it to conditioning.


"I think he's going through the conditioning aspect of this," Coughlin said. "I think he's suffering a little, but he hung in there."


Pierre-Paul didn't miss any reps, mainly at left end, but while Coughlin said he wasn't "surprised" by his conditioning level, he did say it wasn't quite what he had expected from the former South Florida defensive end (Coughlin did say he has no history with back problems).


"I just think he's, like a lot of them, they're suffering a little bit because it's hotter than it's been," Coughlin said on an 80-degree morning. "They've had two yesterday, had time to cramp up and get sore and come back in this morning and have to do it again. I wish he was running around like perhaps I had the thought that he would be, but he learns, he learns every time he gets out there."


Another draft pick who Coughlin indicated needed to improve his conditioning is safety Chad Jones, the team's third-round pick.


"I think he's a little heavy," Coughlin said. "And he's got some conditioning work to do. He's made some mental errors, which is not surprising for anyone back there. He was down quite a bit this morning weight-wise, he lost a lot of water weight in just one day, but he'll be very cognizant of the weight and the conditioning aspect when he comes back."


A few other tidbits from the morning session:


Coaches were fired up. "Let's go," Coughlin shouted. "Stop feeling sorry for yourselves." Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell picked up where he left off yesterday, racing UDFA DT Dwayne Hendricks to the turf field and yelling at the defense on one drill, "You did not sprint all the way through to the goal line. BS!"


Second-round pick Linval Joseph has impressed me so far. Seems to be in great shape and always at front of D-line pack. Fewell mentioned him as a player that can help the Giants 'D' be physical, so it sounds like the team has high expectations for him.


Former Rutgers WR Tim Brown went up high for another nice grab and had a good sideline catch (at least it looked like he kept his feet in bounds). Paterson's Victor Cruz (UDFA from UMass) had a nice catch on a crossing pattern.


Ks Sam Swank and Austin Signor practiced kickoffs, but we didn't see P Matt Dodge (also kickoff specialist in college) kicking off. Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn had said they'd wait to work with him on that which seems to be the case. Swank seemed to have a good leg.


CB Seth Williams (UDFA from Richmond) followed up Coughlin's praise Friday with another strong practice. Had break-ups on back to back plays -- one intercepted by S Sha'reff Rashad -- and has been keeping pace with WRs.


RB DeShawn Wynn (vet tryout) had a couple decent runs, but Coughlin indicated that none of the running backs in attendance -- also here are Tony Hunt and Andre Dixon -- had really shown "flashes."


One player Coughlin did say has flashed is LB Phillip Dillard (fourth-round pick).


"He seems to be enjoying himself, flying around, he's in good shape," Coughlin said.


Tryout WR D.J. McAulay and DT Abe Koroma were not here for Day 2 (actually, was told Koroma was never here). WR Nyan Boateng (California) was a new addition. Tryout CB Wondy Pierre-Louis, who left Friday's afternoon practice, was not on the field.



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Tom Coughlin's Post Practice Quotes: Day 2



We’re getting ready to go into the locker room in a little bit, but I thought I’d give you some of what head coach Tom Coughlin had to say after this morning’s practice:


On Jason Pierre-Paul’s physical struggles this morning with the heat: “He’s going through the conditioning aspect of this, and I think he’s suffering a little, but he hung in there.”


If Pierre-Paul had problems with his back before: “I just think like a lot of them he’s suffering a little bit because it’s hotter than it’s been and they had two yesterday and they had time to cramp up and get sore, then they had to come back in this morning and do it again. I wish he were running around like I thought he would be, but he learns. “


On LB Phillip Dillard: “He seems to be doing well. He flashes. Seems to be enjoying himself and flying around. He’s in good shape. He’s doing okay with (directing the others). Right now he has a lot on his plate to call the defense and get himself lined up.”


On what he likes about OG Mitch Petrus: “He’s strong can anchor in there. He’s powerful. He can block those big three-techniques. He can pull.”


On what he’s looking for in his new middle linebacker: “A solid football player who’s smart. Can help us get lined . Can especially help us on first and second down, has leadership tool. (He) will need to earn the right to be a leader and perhaps be an individual who won’t mind telling other people when they’re not in position properly. The first thing with a young player is he has to get his own game in line before he can talk to anyone else.”


On whether anyone else jumped out at him after looking at the film: “Not really.”


On DT Linval Joseph: ”He’s moving around good. “He’s a big load that can run, he’s athletic, has a good athletic. He fought his way through – he was struggling a little bit yesterday afternoon too but he fought his way through and seemed to do well this morning. Had enough energy to be able to talk up the other guys when it looked like they were dragging.”


On if any of the running backs have stood out. “They’ve worked hard and are trying their best. I haven’t seen a lot of flashes.”


On why RB Andre Brown, who was on injured reserve last season, wasn’t included on the mini camp roster(he’s eligible to participate). “We didn’t put him in hit. I can’t comment on that. We would have at least asked him about it, but it’s okay; he has plenty of stuff coming.”


On S Chad Jones' progress: "I think he’s a little heavy. He has some conditioning work to do. He’s made some mental errors, which is not surprising for anyone back there. He was down quite a bit this morning weight wise so he lost a lot of water weight. I think he’ll be very aware of the weight and conditioning aspect of it when he comes back."


On Adrian Tracy's conversion to LB: "He’s athletic, and tries hard. We’ve seen him do it in an All-Star game. It will take a little bit, but there are a lot of things to take place when you’re out there in space. He doesn’t have his hand on the ground like he’s played most of his life."





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