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Enough talk about the 2006 Draft


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Let's talk about the 2007 Draft!! It's a rainy day, what can I say.


I'm just going to talk about a few RBs since the Tiki subject came up today. This will be a strong RB draft. I believe this will be one of our main focuses, perhaps first round pick...depending much upon what happens with Jacobs this year. Let's not forget that we went through enough Herschel Walkers, Ron Dayne's, Sean Bennett's, Joe Montgomery's, Gary Brown's, Lewis Tillman's, LeShon Johnson's of the world to last a life time while we were trying to find a RB after Rodney...up to Tiki.


Let's also keep in mind that Tiki will not play forever and he was roughly 60% of our offense the past several years.



Just keep these few kids in your memory:




Michael Bush - Louisville 6' 3" 250lbs runs 4.5'ish




I freakin love this kid! He's very similar in body type to Jacobs but is much more athletic imo. I've seen him play and you come away in awe when you learn how big he actually is. Run, catch, block, the kid has it all.





Alley Broussard - LSU 6'0" 237lbs runs 4.5'ish




Sometimes you can get caught up in watching mechanics and keying on certain skills and to be honest I can't break this kid down like that because I haven't seen him enough. Yet sometimes I just like the way a kid runs, period. He just looks like a RB. It's tough to briefly explain that, but I like the kid. Downside is that he blew out a knee last year and missed the year.





Adrian Peterson - OU 6' 2" 235lbs runs 4.4'ish




The most well known of the bunch. Just google him, you'll find more than a few sites that will bring you right up to date. I liken him to a RB of the recent past that I used to detest, but envy his talent....Ricky Watters.





DeShawn Wynn - Florida 5' 11" 230lbs




Had a breakout year last year with almost 1,400 yards. This is a big senior season for him because he can drop back into the 3rd & 4th round, or jump right into the mix of the "big" backs coming out next year. Somebody to definitely watch.

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