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I really only give Fox Sports any credit. Those rankings are more accurate.

Is because they have us at number one?



I agree with Exit117, Fox's ranking is off tooo.. Ravens, cowboys, Vikings, Broncos are too low, and the Eagles, Steelers are too high.

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This piece from today's NY Post says a lot:


The lack of sizzle has drawn some attention away from just how well the Giants are playing. It's the Giants who have the second-ranked defense in the NFL (the Jets are third). Manning is the third-highest rated QB in the league (Sanchez is 15th).
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I've always said until 4 games into the season, it's still too early to tell.


But next weekends Saints/Jets game should be a real doozy.....if the Jets beat the Saints, it would be huge. If the Saint's do to the Jets what they did to Philly, then the Saints/Giants game in week 6 would become the biggest game of the season.

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