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Hakeem Nicks confrence call


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APRIL 25, 2009


How does it feel to be a New York Giant?


A: It feels great, just a great feeling. It’s a dream come true. I’m just ready to get to my team and just contribute my best way possible.


As the draft process went along, did you have a feeling that it might be the Giants to select you?


A: That’s what I was hearing a lot but I really just didn’t get all into it. I was just waiting to hear my name called. Once it got called it was a great feeling and I’m excited to be where I’m at.


How’s your hamstring?


A: I’ll be full go. Once I get up there it will be full go. It’s football time. My hamstring hasn’t been an issue. I’m back to a 100%. Got my weight back down and I’m ready to play football.


Do you think the weight issue dropped you a lot further in the draft than you were expecting to go?


A: I don’t necessarily think it dropped me but really I can’t say because I really don’t know what everybody was thinking. As far as for myself, I knew my weight wasn’t going to be an issue. I just knew it was something that I had to be cautious of in the way I had to handle it.


What do you expect to do as a rookie?


A: As a rookie, I just want to go in and get with the veterans of the group, learn my role early as a rookie and just contribute to my team the best way possible.


How aware are you of the opportunity here with the loss of Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer?


A: I just want to get in the program and find my role and just be able to contribute the best way possible. I’m Hakeem Nicks and I want to get there and prove that I have talent and want to play in the National Football League.


Can you describe yourself as a receiver?


A: Just a great physical receiver that has a motor.


RE: Comparisons to Anquan Boldin and Michael Irvin


A: I’ve been compared to them a lot throughout college, Michael Irvin a lot. Coach Davis compares me to him a lot and Anquan Boldin as well. I just want to keep doing what I’ve been doing to get me to this point. That’s what God has in store for me.


RE: Playing in New York.


A: I love it. New York is a great team. I’m ready to get up there and I’m ready to win.


What do you know about Coach Coughlin from talking to him?


A: He seems like a pretty cool coach. I’m just ready to get in there and ready to be coached.


How much of a deep threat are you?


A: I feel like I’m a very deep threat. It just wasn’t my role in our offense. We had three good receivers and each one of us had our different roles but early in my college career, that’s what I felt like I did best and I still feel like I do that very well. My job is to catch the ball when it comes my way.


Are you in North Carolina now?


Yes I’m in North Carolina. I’m in Charolette.


Seems we got Boldin anyway ^_^

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What do you know about Coach Coughlin from talking to him?


A: He seems like a pretty cool coach.


Politically correct answer. "Cool" is not how I would describe Coughers.


Are you in North Carolina now?


Yes I’m in North Carolina. I’m in Charolette.


Maybe he knows Harooni. There's a ringing endorsment for ya.




The kid sounds like he's happy he got picked by the Gmen, and he sounds humble if nothing else. Guess we'll see in January how he's done.

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