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Is Arod still a HOFer?


Arod still a HOFer?  

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  1. 1. Arod still a HOFer?

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Now that Arod has joined the ranks of other players who have been confirmed as steroid users and has personally admitted to using, do you still see him making the Hall of Fame?


In an era where the list of steriod using players will continue to grow and the list of clean HOF players will continue to diminish, will Arod's sins be forgiven?


Cast your vote and tell us what you think.


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it's just so hard to quantify the steroid factor for, among other reasons, what lubeck just said. the only guys i think are very easy to omit frmo the hall are mcgwire and sosa. mcgwire was a straight up slugger who in all probability was juicing going back to his 49 homer year when he was a rookie or sophomore. either that or he was clean those years and then started juicing to stop being injured all the time in which case he wouldn't have been healthy enough to hit 250 someodd homers in 4 years. and sosa was an average player who wasn't even sniffing all-star teams let alone the hall of fame until he started (allegedly) juicing.

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The thing that bothers me is that there were 103 players who tested positive. And everyone in MLB wasn't tested. So you have 29 MLB teams with a 25-man roster, which equals: 725 total players.


How many were tested when 103 were caught? Unknown


How many were tested, but didn't test positive even though they may have experimented with it? Unknown


How many retired players used steroids or other enhancing chemicals but were never tested?


Can we trust any record of any player since steroid use began....and what's the chance of a great hall of famer getting credit for greatness because of enhancing drugs, but just never got caught?


Almost all athletes want to be the best in the business and the thought probably occurs to all of them at some point in their lives....especially if they're coming off a bad year or think they are losing their gift. The truth is, we just don't know how deep it goes. My bet is that the 103 players who tested positive, that it's like an iceberg and you're only seeing what can be seen above the surface.


7447iceberg-poster.jpgImage Hosting

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