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webster locked up for five years


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I told you guys when he got drafted he would produce for the Giants. Most on the GMB hated him until the end of this year.Im glad he got a long term deal with a real franchise. Its rare for an LSU standout to measure up to shit in the NFL.


I hated him, but I knew he wasnt allowed to play according to his strengths. When we got Spags, I had a feeling the kid was gonna be good under his system. Good move Reece.

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Spiderman's Contract breakdown



Details of Webster's contract extension with New York Giants


by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger Wednesday December 17, 2008, 2:57 PM

For those of you interested in salary-cap musings and implications, or for those who like to see how good it is to be a top NFL cornerback, here's a look at the details of Corey Webster's new five-year, $43.5-million contract:


Signing Bonus: $5 million


Base Salaries

2009: $1 million (guaranteed if on roster 2/25/09)

2010: $2.75 million ($2 million guaranteed if on roster 2/25/10)

2011: $7.25 million

2012: $7 million

2013: $7.5 million

Note: The Giants have the option to convert any of his yearly base salaries to a signing bonus. That benefits the player and the team because the money would then be guaranteed and it would allow the Giants to lower his cap number and create room for other signings at any point by spreading the hit over the rest of the contract.


Roster Bonuses

2009: $8 million (guaranteed)

2010: $4 million (guaranteed)

Note: Like the salary guarantees, these are skill/injury guarantees, meaning the Giants must pay them if they cut him or he gets hurt. Non-football injuries (no jokes, please) will release the Giants from any obligations. So combine the $12 million in guaranteed roster bonuses with the $3 million in guaranteed base salaries and the $5 million of his signing bonus and you get the $20 million in guarantees that was previously reported.


Workout Bonuses

$250k each in '10, '11, '12 and '13



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