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Does Arod need his head examined?

so-cal dub

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He is one of those clueless lost souls....only with millions of dollars. I mean with his looks and fucking dough....he could take a worldwide cruise and have them lining up at every port ready for some action. Madonna in her prime was not up to snuff in my opinion. Before she was famous she was known to give free dome in lieu of a place to sleep; drugs to do; and food to eat. Definitely a thumbs down all around.

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He finds it a challenge to get the moisture flowing in that old dried up...



To get one drop out of that dried up lemon....Jesus I don't even want to think about it. Back up the K-Y Emergency delivery truck...."Okay boys I got the nozzle...full pressure....okay A-Rod you should be able to get an inch or two in now...good luck".

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