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Osi,Toomer Speak


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Toomer: link


EAST RUTHERFORD — Plaxico Burress got through today without incident, and even admitted he hasn’t made the best of decisions and promises to think things over and make better choices in the future.


CHRIS PEDOTA / STAFF The Giants wide reciever, after a touchdown at home against San Francisco, admitted he hasn’t made the best of decisions and promises to make better choices in the future. For the first time, however, one of his teammates said Burress’ recent antics have become a distraction for the team. He wasn’t just any teammate, either.


The Giants' elder statesman, Amani Toomer, became the first to tie the word “distraction” to the Burress situation.


“He’s his own man and he makes his own decisions,” Toomer told reporters after the first practice in preparation for Sunday’s big game against Dallas. “I’ve got to respect that. But he knows his decisions affect the rest of the team.


“I don’t know, but it’s kind of hard to go up and talk to a grown man about doing his business the way everyone else wants him to. So it’s tough. I think this is a distraction that affects our team. We’ll see what happens. I’m just as interested as everybody else.”


Earlier in the day coach Tom Coughlin praised Toomer for his leadership ability, noting he was elected as a team captain this season. And when asked about Burress, Coughlin added, “We are doing the best we can. Remember that everything we are doing is in the best interest of Plaxico and our team.”


In the past few weeks Coughlin has had to suspend Burress for the Seattle game after he missed a team meeting, and sit him for a quarter last Sunday in Pittsburgh after he missed a treatment the day before. The wide receiver did not make any excuses today for his actions.


“I am human, I have made some mistakes, I haven’t made the best of decisions,” Burress conceded. “I am aware of that, and I am the first one to look myself in the mirror, be honest with myself and say that…. You just kind of think things over, make better choices and move on from there.”


“But as far as going out and playing hard, I am going to keep going out and competing. I just keep doing what is asked of me on the football field, and in whatever that role may be I hope to go out and fulfill it.”


Burress, with a new contract and a healthy ankle, began the season with a 10-catch effort against the Redskins. In five games since, he has just 18 receptions, including 10 for just 97 yards and two touchdowns in the last three contests.


Yet he still draws a lot of attention from the opposing team. “You have to double him,” Dallas coach Wade Phillips said. “He is just a good receiver. [Eli Manning] can get him the ball in all kinds of situations. You just have to double him as much as you can. We will try to do that in this game.”


The Cowboys may play Sunday’s game without their three top cornerbacks. Terence Newman is out with an abdominal injury and Adam "Pacman" Jones remains on suspension. Anthony Henry was limited in practice today by a thigh bruise.


That leaves draft picks Mike Jenkins, a first-rounder out of South Florida; and Orlando Scandrick, a fifth-rounder out of Boise State; plus first-year player Alan Ball as the only healthy Cowboys corners. They finished last week’s 13-9 win over Tampa Bay, and Phillips said the trio played pretty well.


“I really haven’t had a chance to look at those guys yet,” Burress said of the young corners. “I’ll prepare to play against Henry until I know otherwise.”


When told Phillips already said he will double-team him whenever possible, Burress said, “It is not going to change my mindset. If that is the case, then we are just going to keep doing what we have been doing. We have a lot of faith in the guys around me and they have shown that they can go out and make plays.


“That is what has been happening and because of that [other] guys are going out and making big plays in crucial situations: Steve [smith], Amani, and everybody else. I am going to go out and line up and see what we get. When we get opportunities, me and the quarterback, we will work around it. It hasn’t happened of late, making big plays, but I’m just going to stay patient and when the time comes, go out and make big plays.”



OSI: link


October 29, 2008

Osi: Players should have backed Plax

Osi Umenyiora agrees with the way Tom Coughlin punished Plaxico Burress for his recent behavior. But he also thinks the players who supported Coughlin were out of line.


“I agree with what Tom Coughlin did,” Umenyiora says on tonight’s episode of Inside the NFL on Showtime. “You definitely have to take a stance at some point with a guy like that.


“But I don’t agree with the way some players responded, coming out and openly supporting the team or openly supporting the organization as far as the discipline for Plaxico Burress is concerned. You can never come out and defend the team against your own teammates. He’s the guy who’s going to go out there, blood, sweat, and tears for you. At the end of the day, the team is going to look for your replacement while your teammates are there for you for the rest of your life.”


I wasn’t there for the interview, so I’m not sure how Umenyiora reconciled the fact that in the span of three sentences he both publicly supports Coughlin and says he doesn’t think a player should publicly support Coughlin. Regardless, I certainly didn’t get the impression that he had any issue with his teammates when I talked to him yesterday. He was very complimentary of Burress and even said “I think he’ll never become a distraction,” but he also said “there’s only so much stuff a team can take.”

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:TD: enough with plax... everyone stop calling for his head... when was the last time the Giants had a receiver of his capabilities?.... I'm 22... been watching us since I was 5 and I know for a Fact in my lifetime the answer is never...


Like I said since Shockey left the media has been dieing for someone they can turn into the new "bad guy" of the team.


I laugh at their attempts to do so.

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:TD: enough with plax... everyone stop calling for his head... when was the last time the Giants had a receiver of his capabilities?.... I'm 22... been watching us since I was 5 and I know for a Fact in my lifetime the answer is never...


Ive been watching longer than you have been alive. And some come close, but no Plax abilities.

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