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The Red Sox were down 3-1 last year also in the ALCS. Anything can happen here. And 04?

In 04 they had help.


blunatic Posted Today, 01:15 AM

i know the rays are a good story but it will be kind of sickening to see a series in that poor excuse for a baseball field.

To say nothing of those sickening cow bell. That has to be the most annoying stadium to try to enjoy a nice peaceful Sunday afternoon.



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What a game, what a game! Okay, it all rests on Beckett's shoulders. In a game 7, anything goes, but to get there, we gotta win tomorrow night. I have hope. I don't have a cable so I walked down to my freshman dorm to watch the game on the projector. Everyone else left, they gave up, but I sat through the entire time. If it's gonna end, it's gonna end, but the Red Sox deserved our respect and deserved our attention until the very end. Even if we fall 5-0 (for the fourth game in a row) to the Rays, I'll watch. It's all about devotion and momentum. So, this was a good team effort, let's hope it continues.


Still not looking forward to cowbells though.

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