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The Brett Favre nut hug...


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...is coming to a city near you. And it's the best thing that can happen to the New York Giants.


We're going to be ignored, brushed aside, and teken for granted... and you know the G-men are gonna be wicked pissed about it. Plus, Favre is gonna suck (he was flat-out BAD for three years or so before he got the best stable of receivers in the league) and by midseason everyone will be calling for his head.


This is GOOD for the Giants. GO G-MEN!!!

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I can not watch NFL Live anymore it's just unreal Scherleth and Golic going on and on about how mistreated Brett Favre was omg, seriously i think this sets the Jets back, Favre is not gonna comprehend Mangini and Schottenheimers offense espiecally in three weeks. You guys watch the Jets will be in last place, Chad is now going to Miami were he will fit Sparanos system and Miami will finish ahead of the Jets.

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Favre nut hug. lol such a way with words Seph. Great way of describing the media circus that is F-A-V-R-E.


lol... wish I could take credit for the nut hug... but someone posted it in GD during the last Favre circus... remember when he was going to the Super Bowl to play Tom Brady in the biggest game ever?

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