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Super Bowl XLII: A Great Escape, a Miracle Catch, an Upset for the Ages. Even the Giants still shake their heads. What better way to gear up for the new season than with fresh insight into one of the greatest plays in NFL history...


Great article in SI- my favorite quote:


Says (Jarvis) Green, who is still amazed, "It was a weird play, man. At first it was a perfect pocket push, with AD [Thomas] getting pressure on the outside and then a big push in the middle. It's like it was clockwork. I know everybody in the stands was thinking, Man, this is sick. I had my hand on his shoulder, then I had his jersey, and I think I could even feel it ripping a little bit. I thought Eli was going to go down for sure. Watching film on him all year long, somebody just touches him, he falls to the ground. But he got away."


Read it all here

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We didnt win the Superbowl the Cowboys did, Tony Romo was the MVP he went 40-40 793 yards and 14 TDs.

It's impossible for Tony Romo to have stats like that. If it was Romo he'd be 40-40 4000 yards and 40 TDs. Tony Romo is perfect in every way.

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"So he's falling to the ground, and I'm thinking to myself, It's going to come out, it's going to come out, it's going to hit the ground. And then it doesn't hit the ground. So I run up on the play, because I know that time is critical at that point and I figure Rodney isn't getting off Tyree anytime soon. The Giants call timeout, and at that point I look over at Larry Rose, who was the side judge, and I just do a silent 'Wow.'"


Wow indeed.

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