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Ike Offends Reporter

Jay Lesner

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Note: Ike at Shea, Offends Reporter

By Matthew Cerrone - Jun 26, 2008 1:43 pm


The Mets announced the signing of No.1 pick Ike Davis prior to Tuesday’s game against the Mariners.


The two sides agreed to a 1.65 million signing bonus, as Jon Heyman first reported at SI.com earlier in the day.


Davis reported to Class-A Brooklyn yesterday, and wasted no time making a negative impression on a reporter from the Times Herald-Record, who writes:


“Earlier today, one of my colleagues, staff writer Mira Wassef, a hard-working and conscientious reporter, went to Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill to interview Davis. According to Mira, and I totally believe her, once she walked into the Brooklyn clubhouse, several players began whistling at her and making cat calls. She was unnerved to say the very least… The performance by the Cyclones was pathetic. A disgrace…


“Mira asked if Davis had a few minutes to talk for an interview. His reply? ‘I’m not playing tonight, sweetheart. We don’t have anything to talk about.’…


“I spoke to Mira shortly after she left Brooklyn’s clubhouse and she was clearly shaken by the behavior of Davis and some of his teammates. She did say Reese Havens is a gentleman.


“Good job, Reese, but that still doesn’t make up for Davis’s disgraceful act. So here’s what you need to do, Ike: Be a man, not a punk. Ike Davis, the Brooklyn Cyclones and Mets owe Mira Wassef a public apology.”


…that is probably true, assuming this report is accurate…also true, though, is that davis, like most guys his age, have a lot of learning and growing up yet to do…yes, ike’s behavior is inexcusable…then again, a lot of boys his age act in a way that is not excusable…the goal here should be for him to apologize, hopefully learn his lesson and grow from it…




Funny stuff

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