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Check this out......Vegas gives Giants odds


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Saturday, May 17, 2008 9:04 am EDT


Giants still not getting respect ... from bettors


Based on how the 2007-08 NFL season played out, one would think that the New York Giants would finally get some respect from Las Vegas oddsmakers after they rocked the betting world with their upset over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Think again.


This week, NFL over/under total win bets for the 2008-09 season were released and the Giants' mark is listed at 8.5 victories, which is two fewer than the Dallas Cowboys and the same as two teams that missed the playoffs last season in the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints.


According to Sportsbetting.com, a wager of $100 on the Giants (-140) going over 8.5 wins next season would pay $71.43. A bet on the Giants (+110) finishing with less than 8.5 victories would pay $110. The over at 8.5 wins for the Vikings is listed as even and the under is -130. For the Saints, the over is -150 and the under is +120.


While the Giants, who finished 10-6 last season, have a moderate win total projected for next season, the Patriots have the league's highest over/under total to work with at 12. But considering that New England ran the table in the regular season and finished 16-0, 12 victories seem manageable this season. That's why the over is -130 and under is even for the Patriots.


Source: Los Angeles Times

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Oh well.....when expectations are low for the Giants...that's when they usually do well. I can understand why a lot of people don't think the Giants are for real. Most of their wins were by very small margins and the games were a toss up from start to finish. Had they manhandled a lot of teams and blew them out....then a lot of people would be taking notice.


However, even though the Vegas professionals were giving the Giants two touchdowns+ in the superbowl, the majority of football fans flocked to the betting tables and laid their money on the Giants because they seemed to see a gift in the making. Vegas took a beating (I've heard the worst in their history) from the superbowl because such a huge percentage of betters took the Giants. NFL Fans must be a little smarter than the pros when looking at what the Giants have for a team.


But again....I prefer it when the Giants are not expected to be a dominant team. Things always seem to work out best for the team when that happens and the team tends to do poorly when there are high expectations from the "professional" analysts.

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Seriously, I'm don't know much about gambling, but putting all homerism aside are they really saying the super bowl champs won't win 9 games? How does this shit work?



The media hates us and now so does Vegas....what else is new. It worked well for us this past year! (check out the last article I posted in the pinned NY Giants articles and video thread at the top...for more on this lack of respect we get)

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