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Dana Jacobson Suspended


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Co-host of ESPN's First Take, at a roast for Mike and Mike, Dana reportedly said, "F*** Notre Dame, F*** Touchdown Jesus, F*** Jesus."


Mike Golic is a Notre Dame alum.


Just hilarious Dana.


These roasts can be funny, but only when it's comedians that are doing the roasting. ESPN shouldn't have talking heads and journalists up there trying to be funny, in a format that is known for vulgarity. That said, you deserve everything you get when you say something as stupid, insensitive, and provacative as F*** Jesus. What a dumbass.


Link to ESPN article

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ESPN is fucking ridiculous. I wish my cable company carried Fox Sports Channel. ESPN is full of know-nothing, self-promoting, talking heads who flip flop more than John Kerry ever could. Now they are a bunch of hypocrites too. You can't hold a roast and allow the comics and celebrities to use blue humor and make off color remarks, and then discipline an anchor for doing the same.



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Christians who feel slighted that people aren't punished enough for saying disparaging remarks against their beliefs should be happy about this. If she said "Fuck (other holy person of your choice)" she would have been fired immediately.

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