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Are you mentally prepared?


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It's one of those games, that makes you wonder.. if you did something diffrently.. if you set in a diffrent position.. if you held onto that sweet smelling fart for a second longer. That you might have been able to change the course of the game.


What will you do, if the Giants score a TD when you are standing up.. stand for the rest of the game? :mellow:

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Superstition? No I don't believe in that.


I can tell you from experience that if I'm playing and concentrate on the game and the game only.. that means no trash talking, no paying attention to the girls on the stands, no celebrating a tackle or a TD, I play great.


But as a fan watching from home.. no nothing i can do. Maybe the fans at the stadium can help by being loud.. but that's it.

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Last year, we were 6-2 with me wearing my Umenyiora jersey for the bulk of the wins. After the bye, we started losing when I had the Umenyiora jersey on.


I've worn it for all the games this year... do I still wear it today?


No, take it off and burn it. :clap:

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