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Tom Brady


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This is the scoring for the league I'm in.


1 point per 20 yards - Brady had 354 passing yards so there's... 17 points


6 points per TD (normally 4 for a QB) - Brady had 6 TDs so that's 36 points


Brady gets 53 points. Damn... Tree called it.


In other news, the NYG Defense also got me 21 points, put Plax only got me 7.

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I at least feel good that I had Brady and Moss ranked as #1's in my draft. Pity I got neither. The way RBs have been underperforming this season I should have grabbed both.


The league is changing into a pass-first to set up the run format. Which is why having 2 great and 2 very good pass rushers is key. And having three good RBs to feed the ball to....well the league has been shifting to a two-back format so imagine how nice it must be to have 3. Our RBs are staying fresh.

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