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Giant nicknames


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This is from Arthur Staple



Return of Friday List:


I know you all missed it so... Here we go. Today's List is a bit haphazard, given the time in the locker room and the creativity of those involved.


We have a sampling of Giants players' nicknames from their football lives, from Pop Warner on up... Plus a few of the best nicknames given out over the last couple years:


Barry Cofield -- Zeus, Baby Huey. "My mom gave me both of those. I was a big kid."


Chris Snee -- House. "From high school."


Best Snee nickname from the locker room: Crawl. "The Pauly Shore character from 'Son-In-Law.' -- Rich Seubert


Brandon Jacobs -- Chocolate Thunder. "Coach Dick Spurlock from Coffeyville CC gave me that one."


From the locker room: Hightower, courtesy Derrick Ward.


Derrick Ward -- D-Ward. "Been that since Pop Warner."


From the locker room: Chub. "Cause he's short and chubby." -- Jacobs


Zak DeOssie -- The Albatross. "My teammates at Brown."


From the locker room: Bam Bam. "He's always hitting people, all the darn time." -- Chase Blackburn


Reggie Torbor -- Moose. "I was a running back in high school and I just ran over everybody."


Rich Seubert -- Little Dick. "My grandma gave me that one."


From the locker room: Stewie. "He looks just like that kid (from Family Guy)." -- Snee



Steve Smith -- Scuba Steve. "The guy from 'The Waterboy.' It just stuck." Smith tossed out a couple for his senior receivers: "Plax is Lanky, and Toomer is Captain."


We saved the best two for last... And for anonymity's sake, since no one wanted to own up to telling me.


Justin Tuck -- Big Midget. Former locker-room cut-up Frank Walker gave Tuck that one.


Kareem McKenzie -- Peaches. Carlos Emmons provided that one. And Kareem does not like it, apparently.


OK, a bit random, and maybe we can grab some more today. But that's the List. More later.

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