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Is the Defense really this bad?


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hopefully they dont continue that AWFUL PLAY...


to make up for they should keep GB under 10 points next week

We kept TO in check in the first half and only let Witten destroy us. We did a pretty good job on Julius Jones but Barber destroyed us. We looked tired. We will only get better. It was the first week of a long season. Next week might be different because the Packers offense is not as lethal as the Cowboys. If we lose next week at home and to a less mighty team, then we are in trouble. Eli should have a field day with this secondary.

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The D will get better, so will the offense. All the naysayers on the board who say the season is over and that our defensive starters are all backups will be eaten there words. :TU:

if the O can get better, that means theyll finish the season averaging more than 35 points agame, Ill suck your cock. And of course the D will get better, they cant get too much worse....or can they :ph34r:

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