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It's that time of week again


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Well here we go again for this weeks pick. I have til Thursday evening to make a pick. On a side note, I will no longer be taking a members favorite driver for a race unless other members have concluded it is a good pick.


Who I have used to far


Week 1 - Junior

Week 2 - Biffle <_>

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NP, BTW me recomending Biffle at Cali wasn't a biased pick. He's always done well there, and dominated that race, pure bad luck he lost a cylinder with 21 to go.

I know, i am only busting your balls for that. It was a great pick but just had bad luck at the end.

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Thanks I took Martin this week for consistancy. Thanks, see you next week. :clap:



yeah baby :clap: martin has something like 6 top 10 's in the 8 races that have been held here he won the inagural (SP) race here :TU:

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