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  1. Yeah the huddle is one of the best Panther forums
  2. Rain sucks California speedway sucks Junior driving for HMS sucks that is all
  3. Martin Truex wins today. So Jr fans, why can't Jr win? You can't use the inferior equipment excuse now.
  4. He will win in the 8 car more than Jr has.
  5. at least I know who they are. But I hav eJohn McEnroe too.
  6. This will be my 5th time there. There is no other sporting vent that will match a Bristol race. i just hope I don't freeze my ass off. We will be camping in a tent.
  7. Jimmie has 2 in a row and I am going to see the race next week in Bristol. 3 in a row!!!
  8. 16 Danny Lawrence, Don Wade, Patti Wallace Whoo!! Who the hell are these people?
  9. 2007 has gotten off to a bad start for NASCAR.
  10. 3-1 Pitts. They are kicking ass this period.
  11. Devils 1 -0. Gomez on a rebound!!
  12. Was he lucky the day I posted "Don't worry Jimmie will be back" ???
  13. I finally get to see a Devils game!!!!!
  14. Have you checked the standings lately???
  15. Whooooooooooooooo Damn I forgot this was one of the few Devils games on TV here.
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