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This week's loss was easier to take than last week's or the last 3 for that matter. The offense played well. Hats off to Jeremy Shockey. He played really well. And Eli quieted some of his critics, myself included. Had he played poorly this week, I would've benched him. But, he made some really nice throws yesterday. This loss was not on him at all. And while talking about the offense, I can't leave out the offensive line. They played very well also. Eli had time and Tiki had some good running lanes. They deserve some significant credit. Eli actually showed emotion - nice to see.


Now, for the middle ground. I was happy to hear Tim Carter's name called a couple times. Glad to hear that he decided to show up, even if it has been a few weeks in the waiting. And while we're talking about people showing up, Sinorice Moss had a nice play too. Have been waiting for that for much longer. Neither of these players had a game breaking performance, but at least they showed up and made a few plays. On defense, we did well against their running game. I think it would have been worse had they actually played Marion Barber more. He's played better than Julius Jones for some time now, but I guess because he doesn't have breakaway speed, they're hesitant to start him. Regardless, we did well against their running game.


Now, the bad stuff. Our pass defense sucks. McQuarters played okay, but not great. Madison played okay. I was a Will Demps supporter, but I've not necessarily paid as much attention to him in weeks past as I did yesterday. Yeah, he did have a pick, so his ability to catch the ball puts him ahead of many of the safeties we've had in the past few years, but he's terrible in coverage. Gibril Wilson going for that pick as opposed to making a play on the receiver was terrible. So, whether it's the scheme or the play, our secondary sucks. They passed on us all day long and we couldn't do anything to stop it. Moving on, how about our special teams. I still love Jeff Feagles, great punter. I can't fault him for shanking one once in a while. How is it that we can't get out past the 25 and they're constantly starting at the 35? Both teams were catching the ball right around the 10 all day, so it wasn't like they were kicking deeper than us. Just the coverage and return teams needed to have better days. And lastly, the coaching needs to improve. Defensively, I don't know if it was the scheme or the play, but the secondary needs help in the worst way. But either way, the coaches need to do something. And the call to go for it on 4th down in the first half. You just drove down the field. Take the fucking 3 points. It's too early to risk giving them good field position. Pathetic call on Coughlin's part. I know Eli was begging to go for it, but again, you take the fucking points. Oh, and one more thing, the bonehead plays. The Kiwanuka interception/fumble. It was a good play on his part. He was switching the ball to his outside hand when he fumbled. I don't fault him at all for that. Nor do I fault any coaching. He's a rookie defensive linemen, probably over-excited having the ball in his hands. Just a freak accident. Another bonehead play: when McQuarters just stopped on his way to drilling Romo. Why, may I ask, did he just stop or hold back. Rush him and put him on his back! It obviously wasn't McQuarter's responsibility for anyone in coverage. And two of the four personal fouls: Burress' late hit and Whitfield's headbutt. Both just unbelievably stupid. The other two, the hit out of bounds and the crackback, were bullshit calls.


All in all, it was a well fought game, but as much as I hate to say it, the better team won.

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the team played a lot better, and it was nice to see that they haven't completely quit on the season, but in the big picture we've still lost 4 in a row, blown a division lead, a good conference record, and a perfect division record. the penalties are still insane and you can argue that they were the difference in the game. 94 yards is a TD drive

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