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Jerry Palmieri must go?


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The Bio:


Jerry Palmieri, strength and conditioning; born October 30, 1958, Englewood, N.J. Attended Montclair State. No college or pro playing experience. College coach: North Carolina 1982-83, Oklahoma State 1984-86, Kansas State 1987-1992, Boston College 1993-94. Pro coach: Jacksonville Jaguars 1995-2002, New Orleans Saints 2003, joined Giants in 2004.



What's the common thread? For Coughlin's last three years in Jacksonville, the team was plagued with injuries. .. with Palmieri as strength and conditioning coach. When Palmieri went to New Orleans, the Saints were mauled by injuries--at one point having seven injured starters miss a game in week five, and six on defense the following week.



In three years with the Giants and Palmieri... you guys can connect the dots.



Think there IS a connection? You can't out-condition a concussion or a broken leg, but there seem to be an awful lot of hamstrings, quads, and pectoral muscles going around since he got here.


Or is it just bad luck (a lot of that going around in Giants stadium, too)?




EDIT: another thing that jumps out at me: NO college or pro playing experience.

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