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Eli Manning aka Dave Brown and the worst coaching staff in NFL history


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I'm opening up another can of worms, but when did Brown enjoy the protection Eli's getting?

Dave Brown was a walking still birth when it came to the game of football. I still remember when Young wasted our first round pick in that so-called supplemental draft thing they used to have, and I went Dave who? And he played where....Duke....they have a football team? Young was trying to pull another Simms Morehead State style pick; and he outsmarted himself. You do not catch lightning in a bottle like that twice in the same generation....at least not the Giants. :P

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Oh yeah, Dave Brown had an awful o-line with Jumbo and William Roberts. Shit, they couldn't even block well for Hampton, that's why Hampton had an awful career.


Browns 1994 O line consisted of Elliot, Roberts, Williams and Eric Moore, 3 memebers of a team that won a SB 4 years earlier. Protection was no the issue with Brown, it was simply that he sucked.

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He definitely sucked. But he was fucked the moment they announced they were cutting Simms.

Yeah in their eagerness to make sure that Dave Brown had no reason to look over his shoulder for the inevitable chants of "we want Phil". So they discard their best QB since Tittle ( a move that Reeves disagreed with in private) who could have been persuaded to serve as a mentor/elder statesman type...but nooooo, the thinking was we might have a couple of seasons of mediocrity but the 3rd season on up and we would have the man who would be leading us to Superbowl after Superbowl...and then they woke up.

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