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  1. How? The fact they are both white? Stewart Bradley is just another system linebacker for the Eagles, god help him if he tries to play elsewhere..... see that waste of time Jeremiah Trotter as an example. Not that I really think that Cushing will be the second coming of Ray Nitschke or Dick Butkus but I think that he is alot more versitile than a downhill, one dimensional player like Bradley. Also I think that Cushing's 40 time was an unofficial 4.48!
  2. Not that I think that 40 times are everything but I think he's pretty quick. Cushing private workouts.
  3. Exactly, Flozell Adams always struck me as a heavier and bigger version of Pettigout..... penalty and injury prone with alot of his mistakes being covered up by the fact he played along side of Larry Allen. Screw the bull about only being 31 and a 4 time pro-bowl player..... IMHO the only reason he made those pro-bowls is because there really wasn't a Ogden/Pace-like OLT in the division.
  4. Sounds like a great addition for a defense already lost in coverage.
  5. Finn got shown the door...... guess we aren't going to go through anymore "We need to find a real fullback!!" threads anymore.
  6. He might have been taking the wide path deliberately..... think of it, most of the time he will draw the double team thus leaving the DT's one on one and a easier path to the QB.
  7. I think the whole thing is a bloody 3 ring circus and pointless.... the questions that are being posed aren't being directly answered.. it's always another answer like "the answer is what you make of it." I'd really wish that the senators would just say, "answer yes or no.... any other answer gets you pistol whipped." You'd cut through the bullshit much quicker.
  8. Tell me who on that team do you think is worth their contract? All of them are bad contracts!!!!
  9. Anyone notice how familiar that Plax catch looked? Kinda like the same one to beat the Eagles a few years back in overtime...... wish I had the youtube clip of that game but if you look at it it looks like the Pats called roughly the same play (8 man rush).
  10. You want to know the real bottom line? The Giants to this point have beaten every team they were predicted to lose to in the playoffs. They beat the Buccaneers with the Giants personal nemesis Jeff Garcia @ QB for the Bucs. They beat the Cryboys who they were not only predicted to lose to but some were predicting the game to be over by halftime (that means you Joe Buck & Troy Aikman). Who, after losing, cried about it on national television (T.O.), admitted they were comfortable with playing poorly (Romo) and then didn't even have the class to admit they lost to a better te
  11. Yeah, it's been awhile since I've posted..... new job with little or should I just say very restricted internet access. But since I found some of these tidbits...... I thought I'd share: T.O. = Team Obliterator Man, I shouldn't have gone to Mexico. Roy Williams gets burned in coverage........ again. Glorious disaster strikes!!!!!! This one really is the most enjoyable in my opinion: Nuf' said.
  12. So is it just me or was Coughlin's right arm possessed? WTF was with all of the wild gesturing?
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