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  1. I think hype media gets to you. I got so mad because I knew so many people were angry about it. I am hoping for big things.
  2. I am actually offended the Giants have never had a female QB start before. At least the Cowboys did it, they are truly a class act.
  3. I mean, anything can happen. look at tom brady, generational QB right there picked later on. Maybe a QB who was set to go later on in the draft gets drafted in 1st round and is actually a franchise QB.
  4. Horrible personality trait honestly....
  5. I'm sorta excited now. Idk, we're just seeing a way different team which is pretty cool I guess.
  6. Maybe he nailed that one too, we have no clue yet. His Duke team looked atrocious though, probably why he was so shitty in the stats department.
  7. That's fine by me. I've seen him go lazy a few times to not want him on the team. Or was that Collins. I forget.
  8. Another CB, I think it's nice they're addressing the defense. Do you think we draft an OT and wide receiver?
  9. If we can keep the overall grade to a B throughout the whole draft, is that considered a win?
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