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Trachsel to the pen....


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(This post is by 420, due to rules of employment and a boss who banned him from using such entertainment. We discussed this after waking up this morning, over breakfast.)


He wants it to be known that he does NOT want to see Trachsel as a starter in the post season.


...and he wants to face the Phillies in the playoffs. :TU:

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Trachsel won't be moved into the pen. Willie just won't put his 14-6 starter in there and out of the rotation. I've said this so many times.


Check his ERA and run support. You can't start this guy in a playoff game. You just can't.

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I'd rather see big red hairy pimples on my sac than Trax in the postseason.


Wow, thats a little harsh bro. :o


I like trachs and definately think he can keep us i a position to win in the post seaon. If we have a trend a scoring a ton of runs when he starts, than I say start him every game. :P

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comming from his only fan.

I've said since the begining of this season, I HATE TRASH-CHEL!!! is has no speed, his accuracy is game to game, and he walks a guy a inning... the only reason he gets wins, is because we average like 8 runs a game when he pitches... I agree with Blue Jeans that if it ain't broke don't fix it, but it's about to break... fuck Trachsel!!!

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