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Training camp goals...


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Giants training camp goals

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Posted: 23 hours ago


Training camp goals | Notes and quotes | Unit-by-unit analysis


Cement the secondary


As the Giants begin their training camp program, the depth chart for the secondary shows three vacancies. Gone are cornerbacks Will Allen and Will Peterson and free safety Brent Alexander.


The new starters, at least in pencil, are left corner Sam Madison, right corner Corey Webster and free safety Will Demps. The only returning starter, therefore, is strong safety Gibril Wilson.


"We have some questions in the secondary," admits head coach Tom Coughlin, "but at the same time we feel confident with the players we have."


There are several hopeful backups, including strong safety James Butler, free safety Quentin Harris, rookie Charlie Peprah and cornerbacks R.W. McQuarters, Brandon Williams, Jason Bell, Curtis Deloatch, Frank Walker and rookie Gerrick McPherson.


Deciding on the status of the secondary appears to be Job 1 when camp opens.

Who, exactly, is the backup quarterback?

When the 2005 season ended, rumors almost immediately began drifting out of the personnel and coaches offices that Coughlin was looking for a new backup to Eli Manning.


That seemed to put Tim Hasselbeck obviously at risk. Since then, having been turned down by Jay Fiedler, the Giants have signed Rob Johnson (who was drafted by and played for Coughlin in Jacksonville). So now there are four quarterbacks on the roster -- Manning, Hasselbeck, Johnson and Jared Lorenzen, the 6-foot-4, 285-pound enigma.


Manning is the unquestioned starter, no matter what he does, but if he gets hurt the identity of his backup is crucial. Hasselbeck has the advantage of a year on the roster, a year under coordinator John Hufnagel and position coach Kevin McBride. But Johnson is bigger (6-4 to Hasselbeck's 6-1) and has more experience despite not playing since 2004 (Tommy John surgery).


Lorenzen has a cannon for an arm, is strong and showed a marked improvement during spring workouts and the minicamp. It may well be that Hasselbeck, brother of Seattle's Matt, is the odd man out.




Can anybody around here play defensive tackle?

The Giants plan to use more and more of a 3-4 alignment, but when they don't, they need two productive defensive tackles. Their best, Kendrick Clancy, walked out the door and all the way to Arizona as free agent.


So now the two projected starters are Fred Robbins and William Joseph, but there are so many more who will get the chance to win a job. They include the weight room star of the off-season, Jonas Seawright (6-6, 335), Damane Duckett, free agent signee Junior Ioane, fourth-round draft pick Barry Cofield and a handful of free agent hopefuls.


Joseph was the team's first-round pick in 2003 and has showed improvement, though not consistently, since then. Robbins has the experience, the defensive coaches like Cofield and Seawright is intriguing.


Only four will be kept.



Camp calendar

Training camp opens on the campus of the University of Albany (N.Y.) on July 28 and closes Aug. 23. There are no scheduled intra-squad or inter-squad scrimmages this year. The public is welcome to the workouts, and most days there will be two practices.

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If Webster picks it up our secondary should be okay. I actually think DeLoatch can be an effective db as well if he can just get a bit smoother out there and remeber to turn and look for the ball at some point.


Joseph, if healthy, can have a really good year IMO. He looked like he was coming on last year prior to the injury.



I am getting really fired up for the season.

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My Training camp goals...


Meet the secondary... this unit is giong to have to play as a team and with 5 new faces in the secondary they are far from a team right now... they need to get acclimated and work well together.


Eli's Accuracy... much has been made about this and i am sure he and the coaches have worked on this but he most stop throwing off the back foot forcing the ball to sail with a wr like sinorice moss who is 5 8 there is no way he could catch a ball that is over plax's head...


DT Depth... William Joseph needs a lot of work this would be his second full training camp if he makes thourgh it all (Knock on wood) he is going to have to be the leader of the DT's we are very thin there and do i say he is the best at the poistion. Other DT's are going to have to learn quickly and be able to work in the rotation effectivly


Blitzing scheme... Lewis is going to have to find out how to use all of the D weapons that we have ( Strahan, Umenyouria, Pierce, Arrington, Kiwi) there has been talk about them all on the field at one point i want to see it he must be creative.


that is all

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I'll be most interested in whom the backup QB(s) will be...


I'd hate to see Johnson in there since I live so close to Buffalo and have seen him play...kinda like a watered down Kerry Collins, but maybe his hiatus and Tommy John surgery has changed him.


On the other hand I have not seen fatboy lorenzen or for that fact much of Hasselbeck, so I am not sure which will get the nod...


I guess I'll leave it in the hands of the coaches and trust in their descision...



If I had to speculate I'd say look for Lorenzen to get booted and Hasselbeck stay #2. This being due to the fact that Hasselbeck has 1 year into the system and Johnson probably is better then Lorenzen..

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