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So....Ghost runners in extra innings is now rule.

Chuck Wagon

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You know me...  I am a big fan of keeping baseball pure (fuck the DH).   I did not hate the extra innings change last year, it is a long season and having a 14+ inning game on a random Tuesday in July does not really add to my enjoyment of the game.   You also would watch each extra inning assuming that it was going to end the game

I agree that taking away the shift is kind of bullshit, there are guys who still hit for contact and that changes crazy shifts.

The one that I think is the worst is the 3 step off rule for the pitcher.   It becomes a balk if the third non-pitch does not get the guy out at first.    I know guys do not steal bases like Rickey Henderson did, but shit you are giving the guy on first every reason now to extend his lead trying to draw a throw, its going to add in an entire new dynamic to the game for no reason

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20 hours ago, Chuck Wagon said:


Let doing away with the shift have a shot for christsakes....or here is an idea...relearn how to bunt a ball or hit behind a runner.

Jesus Christ.

C. Wagon


Not complicated at all :rolleyes:

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I enjoyed the "manfred" runner last year, however I feel like they should start on first, not second.

All it takes is two pop ups into the outfield and the runner can typically score, atleast if he's on first there is some more hitting nuances to getting him around across home plate.

The shift rules is something I don't understand, the players who could hit the small ball took advantage of the gaping holes created and always rewarded for the dong hitters to try to pull the ball away from where they tend to hit it.

I like the idea of the pitch timer but it will be interesting to see how strictly it is enforced.


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The pitch clock was pretty good watching the spring training games...  It did make the game move a bit faster and set a good pace.   I do wonder though if it will shorten how long a pitcher will be able to go in a game.   I also do not know how it will play out late in the season in high tension situations.   I would much rather see the pitcher get a couple extra seconds to deliver a quality pitch or a batter get an extra couple seconds to be prepared to get a big hit.

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