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Giants v Chargers: A tale of two franchises


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Interestingly the chargers, who the Giants play this weekend, are a great example of a franchise rebuild in stark contrast to the Giants.

- Unlike the Giants, the chargers actually invested in their offensive line this off-season to support their young QB, bringing in Feiler, Linsley, plus drafting Rashawn Slater, the guy I wanted the Giants to draft. Their OL went from bottom of the league last year to top 10 this year.

- Their young QB in year 2 is way ahead of Daniel Jones in year 3, and it appears they have a franchise QB.

- Their lead running back is an undrafted free agent who has more rushing and receiving yards than Saquon Barkley over the last three years.

- They're 7-5 and are in the playoff hunt and division title hunt, while the Giants are 4-8, and already looking to the off-season.

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Barkley has played 7 games in 2 years.

While their investment in the OL can be considered good, we still have to ask how bad would be if the starters from day one had played all along.  Chargers had to invest in that area if they were bottom and bringing in a rookie.

Also, that division flattened out when Kansas City hit the wall a couple of weeks ago. It's a wild card team tops. They still have a way to go.


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